37 - Straight

Wisconsin, United States

Mar 25, 2020 21:57

I'm just gonna lay it on the table:


My goal is to seek wholeness and to live an authentic life. I love myself and am working towards wholeness while seeking a loving relationship.

I am very spiritual... have been for most of my life.

I have fully and permanently integrated, and awakened the feminine energy within (Kundalini).

To continue...

I love Shamanism

I Love the Eastern and Chinese traditions.

I love to practice mantra.

I love practicing Pranayama as it is very beneficial.

I love to meditate in various forms and traditions.

I love animals and at times, when necessary, I heal them.

I love nature... I love to walk in nature. I get my energy from nature as I am a introvert, a loner, and prefer solitude over social events. I prefer animals and nature over social interaction. People drain me. Nature and animals invigorate me.

I love life.

I love earth.

I love stars.

I love the universe.

I love to love... I am love.

Love feels good .

Love is the most powerful force.

I love to laugh and I love to laugh at myself.

I love to kiss.

I love to hold hands.

I love to cuddle.

I love to see my lover smile and laugh.

I love to see her happy, as it makes me happy watching.

I love to see her feel beautiful.

I love to let her know that she is beautiful.

I love to let her know how much I love her and how I feel about her.

I am a romantic at heart... a dreamer made of love. I am a romantic.

I have to say it, I love Starbucks and all coffee in general

I love to be around uplifting, happy, and stable people. As a matter of fact; this is the vibration that is within me and am seeking for that same vibrational resonance within a women.

I love what most would consider feminine i.e. scented candles, essential oils, flowers, paintings, etc. I am very metro-sexual. I'm deeply obsessed with it.

Note: I am not a goth, or whatever you want to call it, on the outside, but always have from within. When I was a teenager, I expressed myself that way; but now its more internal. I do desire to be with a women that projects outwards an expression of that kind of aspect; as it's what I desire in a women; as that's what I resonate most with, and always will.

Just so you know, I dont like to party, not because I dont like people, but really, I kind of dont lol. It's a preference more than a hateful reason. An energetic chaos if you will. I dont need to be liked, nor do I even care, as I love myself and am secure with myself. I dont need external recognition. I am genuine. Self sufficient. Independent. I'm defiant against all Authority. I am confident, ambitious, and more.

Ayhow to continue... I'm looking for a serious relationship. I'm not looking to play games with women and I expect the same. If you want to play mind games and lead me on, I would like to ask you to please reconsider and either make adjustments and behave maturely or search somebody else that may be vulnerable to such acts. And no, I'm not all about s*x. I dont even like to call it s*x. It sounds cheap. I prefer to call it making love. Anyhow, I practice sexual tantra; so I have alot of self-restraint, respect, and honor for women. They are superior human animals and are not to be treated as objects. I'm looking for real love here, my twin flame, my soul mate.

Please be kind that's all I'm asking



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