32 - Straight

Armagh, United Kingdom

Jul 1, 2020 23:52

What to write? Well... I usually come across as a fiery type, but I’m really a lot more down-to-earth when you get to know me. That’s right, I am hot-blooded guy with a heart of gold. If you are a courteous individual, I’m very easy to talk to; but, obversely, if you’re an ass, I won’t put up with it. I’m loyal as f*ck to the people I care for, but have absolutely zero time for cowards and assholes. Oh, and I love authentic people - don’t be anything other than yourself. Authentic individuals are instantly more intriguing.

I’ve been obsessed with music for as long as I can remember, and I used to be a music teacher. Music, writing and magic have been the main outlets that I have utilised to express my creativity – yeah I can be artsy 🤪

But I also have an intellectual side 🤓. I read daily, a habit that I consider to be absolutely indispensable. I also write a lot: poetry, stories, as well as what has now amassed to thousands of pages of journaling, mainly containing scribblings about my occult endeavours.

Yes, I’m an occultist, a mystic, and no... I am not some dilettante. I have read countless academic papers, spent thousands of hours performing rituals, meditating and experimenting with my psyche. I live for the mystical, the magical, the esoteric. And, nope, I’m not a Satanist, even though I am familiar with the literature (everything ranging from Milton to Lavey). It is probably better to say that I’m a Pagan... but I’m not a “white-light Pagan”. I prefer the witchy, the shamanistic and the heterodox side of spirituality.

I am here for a relationship, mainly. Friendship is okay too, but it really isn’t a priority. When it comes to romance my attitude is that it’s me and my girl against the world. The two of us are a team. I want to meet someone with whom I can have amazing experiences. I’m not here for hookups or any of that bulls**t.

Basic facts:

I’m six foot (without shoes), but I usually wear boots so I will appear even taller.
No, I’m not unemployed. I work very hard and I am very ambitious. Sometimes I work 70+ hour weeks. If I don’t respond quickly, I’m just really busy.
I’m an introvert, but no that doesn’t mean I’m shy. In fact, I’m not even remotely shy, but I do love my solitude.
No, I don’t have kids, nor have I ever been married.
Not a f*ckboy, thank you, nor have I ever cheated. I’m loyal af!
Not poly. If that’s what you are, that is super cool, but I’m a monogamist.
I can be very androgynous at times.
I always reek of incense: usually dragons blood, acacia or oil of Abramelin.
Apart from cropping, my photos have not been edited. (Up and coming Occult YouTube channel will confirm.)
Yes, I have tattoos and piercings. I’m not heavily tattooed, but I will be getting more.
My biggest turn off is neediness. I also loathe mind games (head f*ckery).
Sun ♉️ (conj Jupiter), Moon ♏️, Rising ♍️ and Venus is in the mid-heaven.
Not a drug addict.

Addendum: catfishers and time wasters, f**k off.



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