27 - Straight

Ajax, Ontario, Canada

Feb 5, 2023 22:26

Likes working out, martial arts, meditation, playing video games, concerts.

I like swords, guns, archery, ect.

I like astrology both western and vedic. Did my research on both styles.

Anti Vax. Not gonna take the jab and I'm never planning on taking it. I will not discuss my reasons for this so don't ask.

I don't trust any politician. Therefore, I don't have a political leaning.

I plan on living off grid but I need to buy land, first. I also need to hone a few skills such as building a house from logs, gardening, ect.

I'm a Hindu, but open minded, spiritually. Jai Sri Ram! Har Har Mahadev!

Would rather find someone who is in the greater Toronto area easier to meet up.

Yuri was right.