27 - Gay

Greece, Athens , Greece

Dec 3, 2019 18:32

Well I don't like to flirt or to have to. I can be fun, teasing you if we're both in the mood for it, but usually I like to be serius and forward. I'm kinda of a loner I guess, I don't talk muck and i actually get tired of talking and interaction in general. I don't like to smile and give attention just because I have to be polite all the time I spend at work for instance. I like to have quite a lot space but people say I'm a giving person, so I'm letting you know even though I don't believe it right now. I love nature and I'm an artist 🎨 🎶 📝 and I like research on psychotherapy a d neurology. I'm attracted to masculinity or neutral, I am agender but also transitioned and you can ask me more about it if you're really interested to get to know me. kisses