35 - Straight

Ottawa, Canada

Dec 9, 2019 04:20

hello my name is lexi Sims and im 35 yrs old and im STRAIGHT im from ottawa ontario canada and im Gothic/Evil and im looking for friends only in here and i love Horror movies and classic black and white movies too and i like hanging out with my friends in Graveyards and i like doing some black magic spells with my cousins too and i love playing the Ouija Board by myself too and i also like doing satanic Chants in my room with Candles too and i like writting dark poems and i like drawing stuff like Satan and Demons and HellHound Dogs too and my favorite color is Black and Dark Red and Blood Red and dark purple and my favorite horror movies are Demons 2 and Satanic and the Craft and my holiday is Halloween and i would love to talk a nice cute guys in here