30 - Straight

Australia , Australia

Sep 16, 2021 08:37

My name is Lilith.

I am a kind hearted enigma wrapped in sarcasm, dad jokes and useless facts. I straddle the fence between professional business woman and creative eccentric artist. I manage an allied health clinic and study psychology, but had a previous life as a ghost/history tour guide and graphic designer.

I enjoy fresh innovations and stuffy history. Science, philosophy, politics, the natural environment all fascinate me. I don't mind the fantasy realms, mythology and esoteric either.

I ask a lot of probing questions and spend a lot of my time in contemplation - I value personal growth and improving my relationships with myself and others...however can be a what my friends term 'a massive goofball'.

I seek to make friends with kind, honest and open minded individuals. Those with higher levels of perspective taking and desire for self and global improvement as well.

Currently, I live in a tiny house on a 200 acre property. I adore nature and animals, so try my best to live a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.