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Feb 19, 2020 02:31

The contents within this can are liable to change at any given moment... Or self-destruct into a shower of rainbow confetti... Or cast ye into The Gorge of Eternal Peril, unless ye answer me these questions three:

What... Is your Name?
What... Is your Quest?
What... Is your Favourite Colour?
[You have been warned. *giggles*]

[Aaaaand then there was much rejoicing.... Yaaaaay]

I'm Kate, Katherine or Kat, a short and chubby South Aussie lady [5ft 2" and about 80kg], jiggly, squishy, cheeky, sweet, flirty, and a big tease [and loving it too]. (=^_^=) I can be a princess and a wh*re, an angel and a b**ch with a sharp tongue. I'm loyal, I'm devoted, I'm damaged goods and I come with a lot of faults and baggage. But my faults, my baggage, my cracks make me a better person. I'm not perfect, and honestly, who is?

I'm a full-time mum of one [a teen with Autism], three if you also count my indoor cats. I'm a BIG music lover, I love to dress up and express myself through fashion, and make things like my own accessories and modifying clothes too. I enjoy writing fiction [novels and short stories] and occasionally poetry, visual art and amateur photography [though I don't do visual art much anymore]. And of course I'm a cat lady. Meow. (=^_^=)

I'm open to anything really: New friends/online pen-pals, immediate NSA hookups, k*nky playmates and lovers who love to cuddle [especially naked cuddles], and someone special, or up to three special someones for long-term serious commitments when I meet the right one/s. Whichever I am blessed with.
I long to share my life, my body, my sexual energy and my journey with others, and I'm cool with people who're monogamous, poly or somewhere in between, whether single or partnered [as long as there's no cheating or dishonesty involved]. I'm in no rush with serious committed relationships however, and I'm very particular about what I'm looking for. I'm a picky b**ch, and I'm proud of that.
[Please note: I'm only interested in people aged 20 to 35. Unless all you're looking for is a friend or penpal. then that's cool if you're older. ]

Some more fun facts about me:
* I have Depression [diagnosed 21-22 years ago] as well as Anxiety [this hasn't been diagnosed, but it's still very much there and a part of my life].
* I refer to myself as a cactus, with good reason.
* I was born interstate [Wollongong to be exact], on Australia Day in the Year of the Monkey.
* Naked cuddles [in bed, under blankets] is foreplay to me. Cuddles, skin to skin contact and s*x at the same time is pure bliss.
* I'm pansexual, sapiosexual and an androgynous female.
* I'm a Little and a switch. I'm naturally submissive, BUT this doesn't mean I'll allow myself to be stepped on. I'm no-one's doormat. And I'll only submit to the right person.
* I'm stronger and more independent than I give myself credit for.
* I'm a spiritual person with a hodgepodge of beliefs [and some of them are really out there], and I'm neither Left Hand nor Right Hand path but both.
* Lonerwolf is my favourite mind-body-spirit website, and I've been reading the articles consistently for several years now.
* Favourite visual artists include Luis Royo, Gerald Brom and R.K Post.
* I'd love to take my amateur photography a bit further, doing more with self-portraiture and i reckon it would be awesome to collaborate with another photographer or photographic model [something I haven't done before].
* I love the work of H.P Lovecraft, and I have many favourite stories including The Colour Out of Space, The Call of Cthulhu, The Mountains of Madness, The Shadow Over Innsmouth, and The Shadow Out of Time.
* One of my greatest artistic achievements is still the Cthulhu doll I made for friends and their son before he was born.

And Now For Something Completely Different....

[The following are bits taken from my OKCupid profile. ]

Favorite thing about the place I live
I'm fortunate enough to be really close to public transport [less than 10 minutes walk from both the train and bus] and within a thoroughly enjoyable 25 minute walk from the Elizabeth Shopping Center.
There's lots of trees nearby, it's a lovely neighbourhood [I've met a lot of friendly people since moving here, nearly three years ago], and my home has built-in bookshelves! [An added bonus for my little home library of books, DVDs and board-games. (=^_^=)]
And as odd as this might sound, I like being near the train-line, I like the sound of the passing trains [I like trains too], and I like being in the flight-path and seeing the planes passing overhead. (=^_^=)

My dream job is:
Full-time best-selling novel writer. [It's even better if my books become movies or TV series one day... At least those stories that don't have very graphic depictions of s*x in them. ]

I'm really good at:
* Visual art and creative writing. My chosen genres for novel writing is a fusion of dark fantasy, supernatural horror and er***ca [with graphic descriptions].
* Writing smut.
* Being dirty-minded.
* Being cheeky, flirty, a smart-arse and a tease. I'm a very naughty girl heehee.
* Fantasizing about s*x.
* Being loud, awkward and weird.
* Amusing others and being amused. "I aim to amuse and be amused".
* Laughing, laughing at inappropriate times, laughing at myself and my own thoughts [it's never a dull moment in my head].
* Going overboard with emoji.
* Writing excessively long profiles and text messages [but I can also be very brief too].
* Not always knowing if someone is joking around or being serious with me [especially in text messages].
* Using humour as a distraction and at inappropriate times [like avoidance of or to lighten serious situations].
* Avoiding confrontation.
* Procrastination.
* Repeating myself.
* Dribbling nonsense and inappropriate things when it amuses or entertains [and because I find it amusing and entertaining].
* Doubting myself.
* Updating my online profiles.
* Stating the obvious. "Captain Obvious strikes again".
[And so on and so on...]

The first thing people notice about me:
* I'd say the way I dress. I feel my personal style, which is a mix of styles is distinctive and I love to stand out, and make others happy through the way I express myself.
* I'm also a loud person. I think the volume controls were broken, faulty or not installed during manufacturing.

Six things I could never do without:
Six is a bit limiting, so I'll throw in a bonus.
* Oxygen and my body in its current condition [obviously ].
* Music! And lots of it!
* sexual and physical intimacy, k*nk, affection, cuddles [including naked cuddles], regular decent-quality and honest communication, and romance in a relationship. So if you're in rural/remote South Australia, meeting you in real-life and being physically intimate with you is a must, same with chat via webcam.
* Caffeine [mixed with Milo of course].
* My family and friends [my furbabies included].
* Finding a special someone or up to three special someones to love, and share my life, my creativity, my body and my sexual energy with. I'm open to both local and long distance [but not exclusively online], singles as well as people in ethical non-monogamous relationships, and anyone regardless of gender or sexual orientation [as long as you're aged 20 to 35, attracted to cis-women obviously and highly sexual]. (=^_^=)
* S*x and k*nky exploration!

The last show I binged:
American Horror Story, Law and Order SVU and Season One of Haunted History.

A perfect day:
Well, my perfect day I'd share with someone special [or up to three special someones, whichever I'm blessed with]. It'd involve a lot of physical pleasure, intimacy, k*nky exploration and naked cuddles in bed, watching favourite movies/TV shows and listening to awesome music, a yummy home-cooked meal [followed by dessert], then more cuddles and s*x. And there'd be time to do my own thing, like my writing, and hanging out with my son.

The most private thing I'm willing to admit:
I have no secrets, I swear!

Currently Reading:
I read a lot of Astrology articles [I'm not talking about the magazine or newspaper horoscope crap either], and as well as articles from lonerwolf.
I've recently finished reading Twin Flames and Soul-mates, by Althea Luna and Mateo Sol, and I've almost finished reading Finding the Deep River Within by Abby Seixas for the second time.
I've also recently finished reading Edgar Allen Poe's The Pit and The Pendulum, and I'm currently reading Marquis de Sade's Philosophy in the Bedroom [it's part of a collection of writings titled Justine, Philosophy in the Bedroom and Other Writings].

The last movie I saw:
* The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert,
* Monty Python's The Holy Grail,
* The Addams Family Values,
* Beetlejuice,
* Edward Scissorhands,
* The Labyrinth,
* the first disc of Stephen King's Rose Red,
* Bram Stoker's Dracula [I LOVE tragic romance stories heehee].

Five songs I'd put on a playlist to send to a crush:
Why limit myself to only five? Here's my playlist for my Beloved/s [in no particular order], and so many of these I'd dance to with my Beloved/s.
* S*x Sick by Hocico,
* Eternally Yours, Untouchable, /c0de, Disguise, Dead As F**k, Not My Type: Dead As F**k 2, and Death March by Motionless in White,
* Gossamer and Transmission by Alpha Quadrant,
* Blood Stained Valentine, White Wedding, Love At First Fright, Summertime Suicide, Die My Bride, Slit My Wrist and Nowhere by Murderdolls,
* Insatiable, Wait For You, Falling Down and Remembrance Ballad by Atreyu.
* F***able by Helltrash,
* Haunt Me, Get Your Grave On, Ghost Stories and Ghoul Of My Dreams by Wednesday 13,
* How To Be A Human, Free and Bombshell by Powerman 5000,
* Superbeast, Living Dead Girl and Dragula by Rob Zombie,
* Tears Don't Fall [Part 1 and 2], Bittersweet Memories, Fever, Hearts Burst Into Fire, Forever and Always, Your Betrayal, Pleasure and Pain, and The End by Bullet For My Valentine,
* Black Wedding, Wh*re, Call Me, Adrenalize, and Roots by In This Moment,
* Savages, Zero Gravity, Army of Love and Diamond Hard by Kerli,
* No Salvation by Solitary Experiments,
* Christian Woman and Love You To Death by Type O Negative,
* Pale, Superstition and Surrender by The Birthday Massacre,
* Surrender by Vanishing Point,
* Tangled Up, No Way Without You, Ride Me High, Love Stroke by Treat,
* A Blade in the Dark and Reborn In Fire by Dawn of Ashes,
* Soulless and Bring Me Violence by Tactical Sekt,
* I Want Your Love, The Only One, Wild Star by Transvision Vamp,
* Smell of Desire and Gravity Of Love by Enigma,
* Like A Virgin, Crazy For You and Er***ca by Madonna,
* Red Light Special by TLC,
* Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding,
* Bad Romance by Lady Gaga,
[Honestly, waaaaaay too many to choose from. (=^_^=)]

What I'm working on
I currently have a few novels in progress that I've written and rewritten so many times it's not funny, without even completing drafts.
Though really, as frustrating as it is feeling like I can't finish my stories, and putting pressure on myself to do so, it's how I write. I have this need to 'get it right' and produce something of quality, or at least readable and enjoyable the 'first time round'. Quality over quantity really is my thing, and it applies to more than writing. Unless it's s*x: Then it's quality AND quantity. *nudge nudge wink wink*
I'm also working on a short er***ca series [it's more written p**n to be honest], based upon some of my fantasies and the relationships I'd ideally love to have.

**Aaaaaaand the following is taken from my profile on FL [you'll find me there under the same username as here]... **
To anyone who's interested in a hook-up, a sexual friendship, being a ***** playmate, or more with me, please read the following because I have a 'type' and I'm very particular about what I'm looking for.
Please note, in the following I use the pronoun 'him/his' loosely. I understand not everyone uses gender-binary pronouns. Also, please note, although I'm very particular with age, this doesn't apply to non-sexual friendships obviously.

So, what is my 'type'?

* Long or longish hair on a man [I LOVE this], including thin dreadlocks and undercuts. Natural hair as well, not from a wig, please. Preferably black, dark or red [either natural or dyed]. I also like unusual or 'alternative' hairstyles [think punk or emo, for example], and some stylish shorter haircuts. I have no interest in otherwise, sorry.
* Between the ages of 20 and 35 only. [I've previously said up to 50, but I've realised younger than me is what I really want]. 30 and under is ideal. This is non-negotiable.
* Slim, thin, lean or skinny body-type [but not malnourished, obviously]. I LOVE it when a man's arse is smaller than mine. Some muscle definition is s*xy if it's lean muscle. I'm not a fan of big bulky muscle. I also like the more average or slightly chubby build [i.e a bit of a 'dad bod'], BUT I really do strongly prefer slim/thin/etc.
* More 'effeminate' or able to express 'his' femininity [please note I use the pronoun 'his' loosely here, because I understand not everyone uses gender-binary pronouns]. It's hard to put this into words, especially since I don't want to offend anyone [for example out of ignorance]. I like gender-benders, androgyny, femboys, cross-dressers, sissies, non-binary individuals, and so forth.
* More 'alternative' than 'main-stream'.
* K*nky, and it's perfectly okay if you're inexperienced or very new to k*nk. I have no interest in exclusively Vanilla, sorry.
* Body-piercings and tattoos are awesome, but not essential.
* Takes pride in 'his' personal hygiene and physical appearance.
* Likes wearing make-up [i.e Goth make-up].
* A nice sounding voice. I like accents too, but they aren't a must.
* Hairless or mostly hairless [either naturally or from waxing/shaving] is a strong preference. I also like pubic hair and hairier chests, but not an excessive/untidy amount of pubic hair or back hair. Hairless or mostly hairless is preferred.
* Looks good with or without facial hair [please note: I'm not into scruffy facial hair or beards].
* An artist of some kind [music, performance, visual, literary, etc].
* Loves music and enjoys the same [or very similar] genres of music as me. This is non-negotiable.
* Accepting of the fact that I'm a full-time mum to a teen with a disability [Autism], and doesn't try to separate me from my child or be more of a priority than my child. This is non-negotiable.
* A gentleman. Sleaziness and disrespect won't be tolerated. This is non-negotiable.
* Locals ONLY thank you [this includes rural/remote South Australia, as long as we can see and spend time with each other in person of course]. This is non-negotiable. Obviously this doesn't apply if you're only looking for friendship or penpals. I really enjoy talking to people in other parts of Australia and worldwide.

Have a great day, everyone!

**Please Stand By while this profile receives ridiculously frequent updates. Thank you. **
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