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Sep 18, 2019 02:27

I thought I'd share here a couple of my poems [I have many others, including a new one I wrote a couple months ago, called Black Moon Mother. I wanted to share that one, but knew I couldn't due to it's adult content ]. Both of the following poems I wrote in December 2014. The first is called Chaos, and the second, one of my humourous poems [and yes, it contains inappropriate humour ], is called Desert Down Under. I hope you enjoy!

Clashing and roiling, Shouting as One
Beginning to End, we come undone.
Music of colour, and darkest flame
Spawn the Universe, Life without name.
Keys to the Astral, or realms Beyond.
Within Her bright face the stars belong.
For She is CHAOS. Above and Below.
Beginning or End? We shall not know.
Cosmic Awareness. Wavelengths and rhyme
Numbers in colour here for all Time.

Welcome to Australia, land of sun and thonged feet.
Where you'll find the Drop bear, and swelter in the heat.
It's said our hairy spiders are as big as a man's head!
But our biggest is the Huntsman. If it's not, I'd drop dead!
Yes I think we're a hardy bunch, battling fires and killer fish.
Enduring Summer with hoses; but this might be a myth.
Let me talk about flip-flops. Well, here we call them thongs.
And sunny days in our shorties, drinking and singing loud songs.
There's a legend 'bout the Dunny and Red Backs on the seat.
Don't get caught without paper or you'll wipe with your feet!
And what about the Bunyip? Oh, he's a good friend of mine.
Sits with the billy on the porch, and helps me waste my time.

And Now For Something Completely Different....

Heya, I'm Kate or Katherine [Kat works too], a short and chubby South Aussie lady [5ft 2" and about 80kg, not sure what that is in pounds lol], squishy, jiggly, cheeky and mostly sweet. Like an ooold username of mine on a different website, Lil_Jellyroll suggests. I'm a full-time mum of one [a teen with Autism], three if you also count my indoor cats , fiction writer and occasional poet, visual artist and amateur photographer [though I don't do either much anymore], music lover and of course cat lady. Meow. (=^_^=)

[The following are bits taken from my OKCupid profile. ]

Favorite thing about the place I live
I'm fortunate enough to be really close to public transport [less than 10 minutes walk from both the train and bus] and within a thoroughly enjoyable 25 minute walk from the Elizabeth Shopping Center.
There's lots of trees nearby, it's a lovely neighbourhood [I've met a lot of friendly people since moving here, nearly three years ago], and my home has built-in bookshelves! [An added bonus for my little home library of books, DVDs and board-games. (=^_^=)]
And as odd as this might sound, I like being near the train-line, I like the sound of the passing trains [I like trains too], and I like being in the flight-path and seeing the planes passing overhead. (=^_^=)

My dream job is:
Full-time best-selling novel writer. [It's even better if my books become movies or TV series one day... At least those stories that don't have very graphic depictions of s*x in them. ]

I'm really good at:
Visual art and creative writing. My chosen genres for writing fiction is a fusion of dark fantasy, supernatural horror and er***ca [with graphic descriptions].

The first thing people notice about me:
I'd say the way I dress. I feel my personal style, which is a mix of styles is distinctive and I love to stand out, and make others happy through the way I express myself.
I'm also a loud person. I think the volume controls were broken, faulty or not installed during manufacturing.

Six things I could never do without:
* Oxygen and my body in its current condition [obviously ].
* My music. [I don't like total silence.]
* sexual and physical intimacy, affection, regular decent-quality and honest communication, and romance in a relationship. [So if you're long-distance, whether rural, interstate or international, meeting you in real-life and being physically intimate with you is a must, same with cyber-s*x and chat via webcam.]
* Caffeine.
* My family and friends [my furbabies included].
* Finding a special someone or two special someones [I'm open to both local and long distance] to love and share my life with. I'm open to anyone regardless of gender or sexual orientation [as long as you're attracted to cis-women obviously and highly sexual]. I'll know who I'm looking for when I find that person [or people]. (=^_^=)
I'm open to being romantically exclusive but not sexually exclusive, so if this is a deal-breaker for you I respect that, but I'm not the right gal for you. A cuckold [or someone curious about/open to this kink], and anyone familiar with or curious about Dollification and the 'Caregiver/little' kink dynamic are ideal for me. [But please be aware I have no experience with cuckolding, no interest in being a cuckquean, no experience with Dollification and I'm only familiar with DDlg, though I'm really interested in MD/little dynamic as well.] (=^_^=)
I'm not Vanilla [I'm not experienced with kink either], but it's totally fine with me if you are, as long as you're open to/accepting of kink. I currently identify as a Cougar, a Switch [but no experience with being dominant] and a Little among other things.

The last show I binged:
American Horror Story and Law and Order SVU.

Five songs I'd put on a playlist to send to a crush:
* S*x Sick by Hocico,
* F***able by Helltrash,
* Gossamer by Alpha Quadrant,
* Blood Stained Valentine by Murderdolls,
* Insatiable by Atreyu.
BUT... I'd also throw in:
* Ressurekt, We The Fallen and Anaesthetic For the Pathetic by Psyclon Nine,
* Tears Don't Fall by Bullet For My Valentine,
* Transmission by Alpha Quadrant,
* Lead Sails and a Paper Anchor by Atreyu,
* White Wedding and Love At First Fright by Murderdolls,
* Final Exit by Fear Factory,
* Unsainted by Slipknot,
* A Blade in the Dark and Reborn In Fire by Dawn of Ashes.
* Smell of Desire and Gravity Of Love by Enigma,
* Like A Virgin, Crazy For You and Er***ca by Madonna,
* Red Light Special by TLC,
[Honestly, too many to choose from. (=^_^=)]

Aaaaaaand the following is taken from yet another online profile, on another website [for people into kink]...

* I'm only interested in friendships and committed relationships, with people aged 20 to 50. I'm not looking for one-night stands, random hook-ups, casual s*x or playmates [I'm very happy with the playmate I already have].
* I'm seeking meaningful connections and genuine companionship, with a person or people who enjoy a decent conversation and love to talk to me as much as I love talking to them. And can do mutually enjoyable non-sexual stuff with me, such as a home-cooked meal and a movie, going out to dinner together, playing a board-game or video game [I enjoy watching video-games more than playing though], listening to awesome music together, playing together [colouring, lego, building sand-castles, bubble baths with squeaky toys, pillow fights, that sort of thing] and going to events/other-away-from-home things, like camping, the beach, long nature walks, the Adelaide Show, etc.
* It's an added bonus, BUT not essential if you're creatively inclined in some way [visual arts, singing, musical instruments, novel/short story/lyrics writing, poetry, make-up artistry, fashion/costume design, modelling, photography, acting, etc]. I bring this up because I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to collaborate creatively with someone I care about and love.
* Physically affectionate, romantic and highly sexual is a MUST for me in a committed relationship, same with being serious about meeting me in real-time in person. I have no interest in exclusively online relationships, sorry.
* I'm open to both local and long distance relationships [rural SA, interstate or international]. With long-distance relationships I'd want to meet you in real life within a reasonable amount of time, and if we click in person and want something serious/long term, relocation within a reasonable amount of time. [Honestly though, because of my life circumstances, me relocating or travelling long-distance isn't on the cards anytime soon. ]

Please message me if I interest you, if you have any questions you'd like to ask me, or if you're on the same page as me and looking for friendship or a committed relationship.

The contents within this can are liable to change at any given moment... Or self-destruct into a shower of rainbow confetti... Or cast ye into The Gorge of Eternal Peril, unless ye answer me these questions three:

What... Is your Name?
What... Is your Quest?
What... Is your Favourite Colour?
[You have been warned. *giggles*]



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