25 - Straight

Texas, United States

Dec 7, 2019 04:06

Anyways here's this! I just decided to make another altscene account because forgot password to my old one but whatever boyos watcha gon do. I'm extremely easy going and never leave the house because vidya games, unless I'm heading to work. Anything else ya wanna know then ask I guess :^) also I never message folks first, idk why either.

Also sad music is bad music.

Also seeing someone in higheels makes me hope that they fall and break their ankle.

Also sandles with socks are awful. If you're gonna go through the effort of putting on socks, then ya might as well go the whole way and put on shoes as well. THERE IS NO HALFWAY IT'S ALL OR NOTHING.

Also lots of things annoy me.

Also am still very easygoing.

Also Netflix

Also Hulu

Also android phones are the best phones.

Also going outside and walking is nice sometimes.

Also very much enjoy my solitude and alone time :^) but then again who doesn't these days

Also loud noises are just the worst.

Also alcohol is also the worst.

Also so is smoking.

Also FFXIV is the best game

Also laugh at most things or you're wrong

Also bad grammar is awful

Also I'm extremely nice, even to a fault at times

Also I wake up extremely easily no matter how sleepy I am. Sometimes I even catapult myself outta bed.

Also memes :^)

Also eat healthy and you'll feel better about yourself

Also WWE is one of the best things mankind has ever created

Also try to always be prepared boyos but don't worry if things don't work out how ya planned :^)

Also licorice scented anything is the best scented everything

Also caramel things are great

Also ice cream makes people feel cold

Also cinnamon is also phenomenal

Also AEW is maybe better than WWE

Also am extremely forgetful

Also would lose things constantly if they weren't put in the exact same place everyday and night

Also the sun is annoying but I still love it

Also if everyday were as dark as a stormy day it'd be perfect! Just enough light to see almost perfectly and just dark enough because idk dark I guess?

Also I wear the same thing every single day which is plain black shirt and plain black everything else.

Also if you're hungry be careful what you eat.

Also snakes aren't scary but some are super dangerous

Also apparently there are exceptions to the messaging persons first rule

Also can you feeeel it?

Also I'm quite fond of saying "got 'em"

Also I don't use any social media because no reason to :^) I have old accounts on various things.

Also,deleting accounts is annoying so just delete the apps and eventually you'll forget your passwords then PRESTO ya got rid of the account sorta.

Also I never remember most of my passwords and constantly have to reset them.

Also I'm not party person. Never been to any parties and never wanna go boyos.

Also a lot of folks say they're boring but that's only because they haven't met me ;^)

Also have ya ever wondered whhhyyy?

Also peppermint things are always great!

Also I'm a pretty funny fella which is why I'm usually the only one that laughs at my jokes because I'm dangerous levels of funny as in if anyone were to laugh at something I said they'd probably die of laughing too hard disease

Also superheroes

Also feel free to message me boyos :^)

Also the color pink is bad mkay

Also if I haven't said it already I like peppermint things quite the good bit

Also chewing tobacco should have never been invented

Also putting sHeEtS on beds iS tHe wOrSt

Also raw potatoes are amazing!

Also I don't sweat (kinda)

Also peppermint potatoes and glass tomatoes

Also I don't use any social media



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