20 - Bi

Aalborg, Denmark

Aug 2, 2020 23:33

#Punk Goth Tomboy. I'm bi & polyamorous,non-binary. 20 here,Hbu? #Taken #Dating. #Suckerboy out there f@ck off just to remove + block & both such as asking for n*deS U PIECE OF SHREAKST KNAR GHAT . Don't even talk to me if u find me,just thinking I am catfish. Ok,u can text only if u or not like that & rude. Speak: Romanian, English, Danish & Spanish.

"Where is dark there is light,but when there is none I am behind your back and ready to cut ur throat with ma knife u f@cking c@nt. "/ "Let there be light in the dark as I lay naked in ma bed/ur bed, turn off the lights and have some fun"

I draw anime,skulls & many more like paint also make Pearl's. I'm an Artist, i love to scare the f@ck out of normies/people for fun. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯