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Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Dec 9, 2019 20:36

I'm a conflicted contradiction. A conundrum tied with a riddle.

Been on here before, back again.

Just looking for friends general talks etc and for the most part to start with.

So where to start? I was born on a cold windswept Autumn morn in Scotland......... ok, well maybe that's too much information!
.Love the trad goth scene/Victorian/ vampire goth look. ... A bit girly and dizzy some of the time but I prefer to think that's just an endearing quirk of my wonderful personality thanks and not incredibly annoying!haha.

Incredibly witty with a wicked sense of humour(so I'm often told) I love a good laugh,but not at other people's expense! Who ever said goth's are miserable has obviously never met me........ ...

Love Cat's,Pussy power!!!.... most animals, dancing(and I'm a pretty damn good mover, even if I do say so myself,lol,I really should have taken it up professionally,oh well...),trad goth and ***** clothing, period clothing, Victorian/Edwardian/ Medieval, 1930's-1950's, obsessed with corsetry, girdles, and hats.

I am absolutely tiny , like Really tiny not one of these fantasist women that are average height of 5ft 4 or something but thy think they are small. YOU AREN'T SMALL DARLING, I wish I was your height! and if I had £1 for every time a guy has said I could pick you up and put you in my pocket I would be a rich lady! I never evben made it to 5ft, Look for me on the yellow brick road hahahahha

Looking to talk to People who are open minded, who can be serious but still with a good sense of humour and sensible, thoughtful, kind and respectful and know how to communicate with women.

please note: I have some health problems.

Like some world cinema, Bergman, kurosowa,Cocteau(one of my fave films is la belle et la bette, Cocteau)>plus others. Like animation(world), Brothers Quay(Love the His Name is Alive video-are we still married, fantastic), some Jan Svankmajer.Tatti,etc etc.

Like Classic Hollywood, and British (black and white),Screwball comedies, love most Sc-fi, again mainly classics,Angel,Buffy,Charmed,Demons, Dr Who( not an obsessed nut on it though!)Torchwood,Time Tunnel,Supernatural etc..(gothgirlgeek here folks!),Political humour,Love crappy disaster movies about viruses and killer insects etc), the Prisoner/ Danger Man,Love Prisoner cell block H,Cartoons,Love Most Woody Allen films, Currently obsessed with Post Apoc tv series and films especially zombie ones. Love to Stream and have Netflix binges.

Hammer Horror films(how predictable yes!), Sclock horror,Classic musicals(kids, e,g Oliver, chitty chitty bang bang,Wizard of Oz and my fair lady etc etc. Like(Comedians) Bill Hicks, Rory Bremner, Steve Coogan(in so many of his guises!),the Goons, the Goodies,Victoria wood,Classic old sitcoms/60's/70's/80's,the Two Johns,Kenny Everette, Mel Brooks,Peter Kay,The Mighty Boosh,Family Guy,American Dad,Southpark,and much much more

Love gothing it up to the nines and going out!

Got no time for People who are arrogant. People who disrepect others in every way. People who seem incapable of stringing a sentence together without swearing (all the time)!!, I tolerate this only, see above! Really rude, ignorant people, good manner's still count you know even online! Racist/ sexist and all round bigots. People who hurt and use others for the fun of it or because they can!This makes me very sad. People who think they are 'better than'or ' more superior' to someone else.

Well done if you have read all of this so far, you get a gold star.

Just to be oh so anal, I shall go from A-Z! Abba,Altered States(80's goth band),Altered Images, Adam and the Ants,Aha, A Flock of Seagulls, All about Eve,Alphaville,Marc Almond,alien sex fiend,Army of Lovers,the Assembly,ABC, Art of Noise,Aztec Camera,Bananrarama, Bolshoi, Beatles,Bongwater,Baby Bird,Ballaam and the Angel,Billy Bragg,Broken Faith,Breeders,Bauhaus,b-52's,Bjork,B-movie,Beloved,Pat Bennatar, Burt Bacharach,Bangles,Beach Boys,Belly,Big Country,Big in Japan,Blondie,Blue States,Kate Bush,Bmx Bndits, David Bowie,David Byrne, Baalbec,Bloc Party,BFG Cure, Cranes, Curve, Chameleons,Cassandra Complex,Carpenters,Johnny Cash,Celabrate the Nun,clanadd,Cutting Crew,China Crisis,Christian Death,Cheece and Chong,Cyndie Lauper,John Coper Clarke,Church,Clan of Xymox,Cocteau Twins,Leonard Cohen,Julian Cope,Elvis Costello, Nick Cave(& the Bad Seeds)Cranberries,Cream,Creatures,Culture Club,Cult,Cars, Depeche mode,Dance Society,Damned,Dali's'Car,Danielle Daxx,Dead can Dance,D.A.F,DEVO, Death in June,Dead or Alive,Bob Dylon,Duran Duran,Eurythmics, Elecric s*x Circus, Everything but the Girl,Brian Eno,Echo and the Bunnymen,Einsturzende Neubauten,Electric Prunes,Erasure,E.L.O,Essence,Falco,Fall,Fleetwood Mac,4AD stuff,Fun Boy Three,Fuzzbox,Bryan Ferry,Fields of the Nephlim,Featus Under Glass,Gavin Friday,Furniture,Franz Ferdinand,The Flood,Front 242,Ghostdance,Garbage, Gene Loves Jezabel,The Glove,Gun Club,Lisa Germano,Goldfrapp,House of Love,Howard Jones,His Name is Alive,Hanoi Rocks,Robyn Hitchc**k,Housemartins,Heart,Kristin Hersh,Human League,Invincible, Icehouse,Icicle Works,Iggy Pop,Incubus Succubus,Interpol, David J, Joe Jackson,Jam,Japan,Jean-Michel Jarre,Jazz Butcher,Jesus and the Mary Chan,Grace Jones,Howard Jones,Joy Division,Jim Woodland,, Killing Joke, Killers,Keane,Kaiser Cheifs,Kraftwerk,King Missile,Lords of the New church,Lotus Eaters,,Low,Love Spit Love,Love and Rockets,Lush,Lacuna Coil,London After Midnight,Mission(UK),Kirsty MacColl, Midge Ure,My Life Stry,Manson,March Violets,Mark Burgess and the Sons of God,Muse,Morgans,Madder Rose,Madonna(some)Marilyn Manson(a few)Mega City Four,Men Witout Hats,Miranda s*x Garden,Ministry,Mood Six,Monkees,Morcheeba,Morrissey, Alison Moyet,Peter Murphy,My Bloody Valentine,Madnesss.. Please look at my music list for more info.



Skype : GothgalJ (but rarely use this)

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