26 - Bi

Banffshire, United Kingdom

Jul 4, 2020 11:35

Rin Moon

(I don't accept friend requests on this, its such a pointless thing on here haha)

- Please don't text talk me with things like "u, y, ur" I like people who use real words
- Playstation is life.
- Been blue haired for 7 years
- Rock & Glam metal (60's to 80's)
- Don't like pizza, don't get why people cream themselves about it
- Addicted to sugar
- Only into older people
- I REALLY want a pet pig
- I collect panda items
- I love the paranormal
- Don't want kids, don't want yours if you have any.
- My happy place is in any historical
building/castle ...especially if haunted
- Left eye is green, Right eye is blue
- I might be a vampire as i am allergic to direct sunlight... Seriously.
-I'm a little.