20 - Bi

Wien, Austria

Aug 17, 2019 14:00

Im and 19y old Artist that is somewhat lost in life. When I feel motivated enough I draw, sing, write or make music.

Mainly on my PC.

I used to think im nonbinary but realized that im just fed up with gender standards in Society, I like talking about anything but Extremism annoys me. No matter if left or right. I value honesty and empathy.

Creepy s**t and gore is a passion, im also into **** but NOT looking for anyone to f**k with. Honestly, I prefer an emotional connection. Im tired of s*x>Love, but **** will be relevant in an Relationship with me. So thats what im looking for I guess. Love.

Friendship works as well but please state what youre looking for in the beginning, it saves time and will avoid unnecassary pain.
I went through s**t most of my life so id just like passionate, "intelligent" people if thats not too much to ask for.

Peace. (I can be fun even though I seem more serious in this, probably.)