18 - Bi

Non-US/Other, New Zealand

May 20, 2019 04:13

hey im new so idk wtf im doing. im an upfront adventurous soul looking for like-minded people to have real conversations with. don't talk to me if you expect me to raise this baby on my own that normal people call a conversation. i can be intense so this page isnt for the light hearted. lgbtq+ im demigirl (genderqueer) ask about it nicely if you need

Don't give me compliments coz I actually consider them as thoughtless pieces of s**t thanks
if i visit your page and dont message you its coz you were too vague/boring so if you can prove me wrong way to go you
im here for whatever happens

im interested in many things but the thing im interested in the most is the human brain and how each person thinks. i usually go for quirky clothing coz it catches my eye but where im from you feel like a clown coz you stand out so much so i want to move somewhere with taste