23 - Straight

Czechia, Czech Republic

Apr 23, 2020 00:47

Oh hi...
I have no idea what to say about myself so if you wanna talk, I'd be happy tho ...
I don't bite strangers I promise xx

Basic info :X
I am a student of psychology (please don't joke about that)
I am an agnostic, but I respect all religions (sice you don't wanna hurt anyone) so no worries with that (^_^)
I love music (daymn, my favorite band is Green day and I got a tattoo with their symbol, oh yeay!)
I love playing guitar (I'm pretty lame tho, but it's my hobby, k? )
I love drawing (portraits mostly)

I am here to find people who finally won't look at me as I am a weirdo (at least not in the bad way ). I will act respectful to you, so please, act the same way to me .

I will be happy if you dm me , so .. yay? :3