24 - Straight

Ipoh, Malaysia

May 6, 2019 14:28

My name is Usawah, and I am from Malaysia. I’m so bad at fillings these out, especially that it doesn’t have any bubble choices instead of writing it all out. 🙄 Anyway I’m a movieholic. I like keeping things neat and clean or else I go coco bananas. Speaking of bananas I really want my own finger monkey, I don’t have any pets to keep me company. I travel a lot, one of my favorite hobbies are traveling lol. I like to learn new things. Usually I’m assumed by my looks 🙁 and what I wear but I don’t mind it. Sometimes I have to remind them it’s part of my culture. Another one of my hobbies is cooking. There’s nothing like a small cookie in your palm. I’ll add more music to the plate below but for now I’m keeping it small. Don’t be shy to dm me 👻 boo

Sometimes you just have to Macarena through the anixety 🧕🏼👌🏼

Perks: being awesome 😎 👏
Disvantages: my melons 😔👎