24 - Straight

Porto, Portugal

Mar 19, 2019 15:08

Hello! My name is Diana and I created this account, mainly to get to know new people, who share the same interests as me and possibly make friends from around the world.
I'm not here for hookups or anything futile, so if you're into that, don't waste each other's time.

Finding someone who likes discovering and sharing music as much as me would also be awesome. Since I'm a metalhead, my favorite metal genres are melodeath, death, black and doom metal.

I'm also a gamer ever since I was a kid, but I play mainly on PC. Moreover, I enjoy watching movies, series, anime and documentaries. I love nature in all aspects, space and computers. I'm vegan/vegetarian.

In terms of personality, I'm honest, introvert, daydreamer, melancholic, overthinker, emotional but can often be seen as cold and apathetic to most people.
I can't stand hypocrisy and fake people. Communication, honesty and loyalty are very important for me, but I find it hard to connect with people.

I dislike parties and drinking/smoking. You can easily find me taking long walks in nature or just spending time at home, watching a good movie or playing a video game.