29 - Straight

Newfoundland, Canada

Feb 22, 2020 21:41

I can be very introverted. I'm very open and easy to talk to, but I'm not very social in large groups. I have very little social anxiety, but I find when too many people are around, it diminishes the communication, and I get very little out of benign conversation with strangers. I have an obsessive personality and tend to immerse myself in things I'm interested in.

I like video games, anime/manga, comics, ASOIAF, MTG. I like collecting things. I mostly listen to extreme metal, but I do like some electronic music so long as it's not very repetitive. I'm open to listening to other types of music as well.

I'm not into any drugs. I drink occasionally, but not usually enough to get drunk. I don't smoke weed, but have nothing against it and will smoke with someone if they offer. It usually does nothing to me, so it's mostly a waste.

I used to have really long hair and dreadlocks at one point when I was a teenager. Does that count as alternative? It just moved lower on my head as I got older, so now I have a beard. Had one since before hipsters thought they were cool. B)

I have nihilistic and misanthropic views/attitudes, but I try not to be an asshole about them.

I'm located near central.

I feel like writing my profile this way made me seem like a robot. Beep boop.



Age: 22 / straight



Age: 26 / straight