18 - Bi

Ayrshire, Scotland

Feb 18, 2019 00:30

I'm obsessed with cats literally all of them. I have two cats, a dog and a hamster so as you can probably tell I love animals to bits and would have a zoo if I was allowed.
I'm not Scottish, i'm English I just live here 😁
I love nature and long walks.
Oh I love cosplay, pretty much an anime nerd here although I can't afford it 😂
Also, message me if you even just wanna be friends ✌
I have a passion for some books and this is because I had to read them over and over in school. I love The strange tales of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and I love Lord of The Flies. I do love some more so just message me to find out 📚📖
I love horror movies but I find some really boring and dumb as hell like Insidious and the Blair Witch Project 🔪 there are a few I haven't watched because I need the perfect person to watch it with 😁
I do a lot of art and i'm not too bad at it my social media account for it is at the bottom with the rest.
If there is anything else you'd like to know just message me 😊 also if I look at your profile and you're 25 and under I most like have too much anxiety to talk to you so feel free to send me a message 😊
Instagram: Teigan_Kingston
(Art account: tnkartofficial)
Kik: BRVRprincess (I don't use it often)



Age: 26 / straight



Age: 37 / gay