34 - Straight

Midtjylland, Denmark

Feb 22, 2020 23:16

No offence, but if you're already in a relationship and looking for open relationship partners or just looking for friends, I'm not really interested. I'm only here for a potential life partner.

IG: Hvergelmir85

I'm a "Viking" metalhead from Århus, Denmark. I'm a fairly kind, calm and down to earth kind of guy. Introvert by nature (one of the reasons I'm here to begin with, as I have problems taking the initiative to talk to other people). I'm not much of a talker, that is, unless I'm talked to and we have something to talk about. I'm very withdrawn, but still, occasionally crave social contact with other people.

I used to work as a system developer / media designer (web) but have put that behind me. I'm fairly accomplished when it comes go graphics, 3d, digital drawing and other visual art styles. I'm a fairly decent photography enthusiast if I should say so myself and is doing a lot of photography at concerts, for bands, of nature and other things - all of my images here are shot by me. I am an autodidact in all of these aesthetic art forms. Find more of my photos on IG: HvergelmirPhoto or on FB: HvergelmirPhotography

I've been a practitioner of martial arts since early 2000 with a few breaks every now and then. Spare time interests include; airsoft, nature, outdoor life, martial arts, food, scuba diving / diving, shelter or camping trips or similar. When I'm not outdoors I'm still very happy to relax at home in a cozy environment and isn't afraid of snuggling up with a blanket or duvet, watching a movie or series with lit candlelight.
I enjoy good food, although I have a tendency to prefer the kind that tend to fatten.
I am also a gamer and tend to have periods in my life where I game more than others and I'm absolutely open to the thought of meeting a girl I can enjoy gaming with whenever time and energy allows it. I've started a let's play gaming channel on YouTube called Hvergelmir Gaming

I keep myself physically active, and in a somewhat decent shape with karate and weightlifting. I have a little bit of excess fat around my waist that I'm trying to get rid off, but it's not extremely bad. I think my problem here is, I enjoy good food as previously stated. I try to keep to my diet most of the time though.


What I'm looking for:
I don't have any unreasonable requirements or a checklist of what I'm looking for, but I'd prefer if: you aren't much older than me, aren't much taller or weigh considerably more than I do. I DO enjoy feeling like the man in the relationship.

These are added bonuses if you fit into one or more of these:
● alternative and goth types
● gamer girls
● women that take care of themselves and their bodies
● "tomboys", that is, women that isn't afraid of doing things not typically considered "feminine".
● feminine by appearance
● high s*x drive or *****

I listen to a handful of different genres, but mostly within extreme metal. I prefer black metal, but also listen to death metal and other genres.



Age: 29 / straight



Age: 27 / straight



Age: 26 / straight