35 - Straight

Berwickshire, United Kingdom

Aug 20, 2019 03:41

35 years old, long hair, beard (most of the time). Into rock, metal, Pink Floyd, Bowie, Beatles etc. Also railways and roller coasters (particularly the engineering - I drive a steam train for work). Looking for whatever sort of companionship might occur, even chatting is good. I play piano, guitar and drums. Autistic, odd, funny (in more ways than one?), 5'6", bit fat and a vaper (no more smoking). I'd like somebody to spend time with and be silly with. 🙃

No piercings (yet), one tattoo (so far), considering dying my hair purple again - had it various colours many years ago when long the first time. Had it short for 10 years but grown it again recently and love it. 😍

I like animals though somewhat allergic, absolutely love cats though my body doesn't. I like films, TV, music, fooling around and being goofy but most of all I love a good cuddle. 💑 Good intelligent conversation is also grand, too. 🤓