30 - Bi

New South Whales, Australia

Sep 3, 2012 09:42

Idk why I try, no one every replies.. but anyways
my names Joshy and i'm the average scene kid if you want to continue to keep talking we should probably text cuz i'm not on here much ._.

Confession: Most of my messages will say Meow ^.\\~
I don't sit on my computer all day waiting for messages so don't get mad at me for not replying when its convenient for you. Kthx.

I have an international numb so just ask for it
I'm pretty weird, atleast i get told i am lol

Well i'm vegan so DONT ASK ME TO EAT ICECREAM D:<

I'm Pansexual, not Bi. This site didn't have pansexual?! why?! This is a site for "Different" people, there should be a pansexual choice >_>

Like: Tattoos.Piercings.Longhair.Hairdye.Makeup.OlderGirls.YoungerGuys
Sweet And f**king Sour Suckers. Making Fake Female Accounts To See How Perverted Some Guys Are. LMFAO

Pretty much nothing, but when people try to help me when i'm sad. I'll get over it.. Leave me alone...