37 - Straight

Sydney NSW, Australia

Jan 15, 2020 23:26

Hello world

You can't find if you don't seek right? So here i am. I've been single a while. Happily so, But i wouldn't mind company
I'm easy going, I am all about my anime movies games books all things that make me very much undateable hahaha. So yes complete geek but one if you saw in the street you'd not pick a fight with cause yay me...

I tend to be a mockery of my own stereotype, I can be so uber gawth yet as you'll see in my photos... But if i can't laugh at myself who else is going to do it? I just want someone with a little sass a bit of love and well someone who can put up with me. MY NIECE MADE ME "made me lol" wear that hat. Its not my fault it fitted suited and i rocked it hard.

I don't mind if you're a world away or a city, a city away is a bit easier though. Just as long as you take your time with me. I am in no rush. I'm not looking for some casual affair, But as i said take it slow with me its been a while and i forget how it all works.

I love conversations and i don't mind writing to people, Happy even to make some new friends as it was. I should likely put better sentences in here but we have time, I won't be on a lot but if you inbox me i'll hear about it.

Of if anything about my name gives away some of my interests and or maybe sparks some of yours.. Say hai.. I will bite.. I mean won't? But i have no expectations. But gotta try again eh