31 - Straight

Morayshire, United Kingdom

Dec 25, 2018 20:44


I have recently moved back to the Highlands from Cumbria. After five years down in England, I finally decided it sucked donkey-d**k there and came back to the motherland

I'm outdoorsy, musical and creative. I have a flair for cooking, cleaning and enjoy board-games. Total geek, I like my sci-fi and gaming on my laptop, though I rarely have the time between work and my own little projects. Feel free to ask me what those are.

I love when a woman writes to me first, it sucks to always have to be the chaser. Maybe I don't want to constantly be the instigator. Today's (f**ked up) society dictates... blah blah f**king blah!

I enjoy good conversation and can hold a decent one. I am not a f**k-boi. I'm looking for something real.

-sings- "I just wanna make a love connection... I have a dreammmm, I have a dream..." -headdesk- that's quite enough of that!

Sooo, yeah... send me a message, or wink to at least let me know you're interested and I'll message you first.



Age: 19 / straight

United Kingdom

Dark Horse

Age: 20 / straight

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stuart h

Age: 27 / straight

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