38 - Straight

Fife, Scotland

Apr 16, 2024 22:05

I enjoy the forum on here mostly, not looking for anything romantic I have a girlfriend who I am happy with. I just come on sometimes for a laugh and to make friends and see if I can strike up a conversation about nonense or serious stuff.

Into rock, metal, history and politics. Enjoy a debate on any of these if anyone fancies it. Especially over a whisky,rum or beer.

Five things I couldn’t live without:
My passport(not during lockdown though ☹), My laptop(for watching nonsense on youtube while something plays on the background on the actual tv), my phone, Spotify and PlayStation

Watching/playing football
Watching ice hockey
Heading to gigs or festivals
Travelling (sometimes for football, sometimes for gigs and sometimes just for fun to see a new place, I was supposed to be going to Peru, Miami and New York this year, maybe next year when everything calms down)
Heading to a pub (I’m not really a nightclub person these days)
Watching box sets. I am either really into them or get bored after a couple of episodes.

In my spare time I also like to write,its sort of my therapy. It's mostly standard fiction based on my own experiences but I'm tempted to start doing some fantasy too.



Age: 24 / straight



Age: 18 / straight