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Northrhinewestphalia , Germany

Jul 10, 2019 12:47

Don't get confused by my Username, my actual name is Noemi, I just love the smell and the colour of jasmine.
I am from germany (Part german, Part spanish).
The reason why I am on here is to find someone I can relate to, not only in the way of a Lifestyle within a certain subculture, it needs to be Something deeper. I do not consider myself as any special member of goth, punk, hardcore etc... but I share and respect most rules and value systems of different scenes. I also like the music and also the varaity of fashion. (Even tho I am not that "fashionable"). Some people might say that this makes me some Kind of poser but the motive and faszination of this is the high value of Individuality, community and positioning yourself to a view of the general or main rules of society... (I really needed to get this off my chest :3).

A bit of more information about me : I take Part in honorary work i. e summercamp guardiance, autism help places and some charity events Where I help selling Stuff.

I like to write poems and poertry slams, singing, listening to music, acting, so I am more of a creative and sensitive person I guess..

If You are interested in making contact or talk feel free to write me