27 - Straight

Toronto,Ontario, Canada

Oct 31, 2018 23:13

What up its manny, to get straight in to is there are two reason why im here. the first reason is that if you cant already tell from my pictures i am not at all scene,emo,or goth. I don't look the part or even dress that part, the closet thing i can probably relate to is the music. i listen to alternative music like sleeping with sirens or falling in reverse, (if that even falls into the category of alternative music). But for as long as i can remember i have always been attracted to scene girls but i could just never get them to talk to me. So ya i feel being on this dating site will be easier to meet girls that i like rather than face to face because there have been plenty of time where i have gotten rejected or shut down. Maybe because I didn't look the part, i hope that was not the case and it was cause they weren't actually interested in me LOL. So the second reason is obviously it is a dating site so I am trying to meet someone special. if you wanna get to know me I'm a pretty chill and lowkey person, i would rather chill with a small group of friends that go out and party.But I'm not afraid to try out new things, honesty its pretty easy to get me to do something new all you got to do is call me out and you got me. Im basically down for anything. Also I'm a really funny guy I'm pretty sure i can make anybody laugh you just got to talk to me in person. So hit me up if your trying to get to know me or if you wanna help me in my unusual situation.