21 - Bi

Somerset, United Kingdom

May 25, 2019 20:46

Orange sky on the Pacific dock side, reminds me of a trip into your eyes...

I am what I am, I may like certain things a bit too much but who cares, you only live once rite? Right ^^

Yeah, I’m a witch and no I’m not on anything.... I’m naturally f*cked up like that so deal with it. But I’m a nice, caring and considerate being with a huge heart and I’m the sweetest once you get to know me UNLESS you’re a fkin failure that uses others for things like s*x or your own benefit or whatever.... that’s NOT nice. Also I don’t care if you’re into DRUGS, I don’t mind as long as it’s not heroin

Mushrooms, mushrooms everywhere... buttetflies flying all around, rainbow and unicorns appearing in the distance while the red sky fades around the mesmerising sunset... your pupils so dilated and full of passion and curiosity as we dance around the campfire singing a shamanic chant of wisdom, like free immaculate, psychedelic souls... we own this world, this universe and belong as all in one ☝️ but I mean one as in united together with the right people.

PLEASE NOTE: I certainly won’t be the first one to make the first move when it comes to “getting to know each other” or whatever as I have been let down by a lot of people here. In fact, I wasted so much time on them talking that it makes me angry.

So yeah, why don’t YOU make the first move to get to known me as I won’t chase you, no way. Whether you have long hair, dreads, sh*t whatever just be nice and maybe we’ll get along. Though, I am a very complicated person and I have my standards. Also, if you happen to be a shy or awkward asswipe who won’t ever make voice/video calls in the future once I get to know you then don’t even bother contacting me.

Also, I won’t respond to stupid questions. Had too many of these recently.

Let’s be real tho this site’s a total joke lol so ya only here to waste time... but on the other hand, I desperately need someone to talk to
preferably someone who’s a hippie and is a positive person that loves Alice In Chains as much as I do... explore the unknown and have fun adventures with

I probably like my cat more than I’ll ever like you, just saying. Most guys on here f*ck off shortly after they find out I’m actually a depressed, pessimistic person. All they care about is getting pics and w*nk off, some even send disgusting stuff to turn themselves on, it’s absolutely HORRIBLE.

That being said, I haven't met anyone worthy so far... had real sh*tty experiences with ppl on this site so idk why I even bother when it’s just nothing but time wasting...
But all I want really, is someone to talk to and to be there for me, even just online (who knows what might come out of that eventually) whether friendship or relationship, what I want is someone caring to be there for me, to message me daily, to show interest in me and I'll do the same. It's too much to ask for though, I know that.

PLEASE NOTE: if I click on your profile, it's either cuz I did it by accident or I found you interesting. Most of the time, it's accidentally though, I do that a LOT so don't get too excited lol unless you really caught my attention

And also, just know that as a rule of my own, I NEVER send a message to anyone first, idk I guess I just don’t wanna seem desperate or anything. So if you wanna talk, send me a message first cuz I won’t talk first lol soz

People here are weird anyway, they can't make a random conversation, they're socially awkward af and creepy
The good-looking guys here are either extremely antisocial, awkward or just don't use this site anymore so it's a shame. But couldn't care less, I'm not even hoping to make friends on here as no one can hold up a conversation here, no one. I've been on this site for like two years now and no one is open-minded.

Ok a bit 'bout me... I'm a complicated person and rather difficult to understand. I have my own little world and huge imagination but that's what makes me unique and 'me' I guess. In all honesty, I hate life with all my heart. I wish I didn't but I'm a pessimist and generally unhappy. I feel like a loser most of the time and not many things or people uplift me, it's usually the other way round, people constantly putting me down. I went through a lot in my short life (still going through problems and issues) and I usually learn things the hard way, which makes me extra stressed and pessimistic but that's life. I'm like an open book once you get to know me which I believe is a positive thing. I'm also very tolerant and open-minded. You can tell me things and I'll listen and give you advice or even try and help, if I can.
I dislike ignorant and judgemental people who criticise others without even knowing anything about a subject, it's really pathetic. You need to learn and know your stuff before you give a sh*tty, biased opinion. I HATE liars! They’re the worst! And those who use people for their own benefit (aka parasites)

I am who I am. Don’t judge me for being ME.
Also, don’t engage into talking to me if you feel like I’m only going to take your positive vibes away or steal your chakra cause of my depressed self and attitude towards life. Simple. If you feel like you don’t get my vibes then don’t talk to me.
But I can assure you, you will NEVER and I mean NEVER meet anyone like me again, it’s just impossible as people like me don’t exist, I’m one in a lifetime, just saying and not cause I’m full of myself as I’m the complete opposite actually, but I’m just being honest.

Some facts about me:
- I like the name Tylar (male name) and no that is NOT my name lol
- I’m really into scruffy-looking guys with messy long hair (preferably blonde & curly, dreads is a huge bonus)
- I probably have better hair than you do (it’s different to everyone else’s lol)
- I like blue eyes
- I love goatees they’re cute
- I dig the vegetarian/vegan cuisine, it’s tasty & healthy
- I enjoy writing (anything really, could be from poems, short stories to song lyrics etc.)
- I’m bilingual
- I’m overly sensitive and friendly
- I dig the hippie lifestyle and values
- Interested in shamanism (rituals, mantras, meditation) oṃ oṃ
- Inspired by philosophers like Aldous Huxley, Terence McKenna, Jiddu Krishnamurti
- Enjoy camping and campfires
- I love cats of all sorts (I could easily be a cat mother living with just cats)
- I love travelling
- Enjoy having late-night deep conversations
- Good listeners
- I tend to compare people’s looks to famous people lol or just someone I know
- Coffee
- Memes
- Movies (music films, documentaries, crime dramas mostly)
- Fun (yeah just fun... no boredom tho)
- Expanding perceptions
- I believe my main chakras are Root (Muladhara) and Heart (Anahata) but I’m still not fully certain as to which one is truly fitted to me and my inner self, it does take time to find out.

I may like certain things a bit too much but I’m not gonna be too specific... you’re just gonna have to find that out yourself if you decide to engage talking to me.

I make dreads from time to time, only on myself though but I don’t particularly enjoy it, especially when I get the crochet hook stuck in my thumb, not nice at all. I’d rather sit there and have someone do them for me, someone who’s good at it and experienced like one of my friends.
But I wouldn’t mind attempting making a few on someone, could be fun, who knows recently tried doing a few on myself and came out nice ^^
Let me know if you would like me to try some on you I love doing something nice to others, without anything in return

- Ignorant, judgemental and dishonest people
- Liars/cheaters
- Self-absorbed people who don’t take interest in others
- F*ckboys
- Those who can’t listen, just talk constantly about themselves and their life/issues
- People who dislike Alice In Chains
- Evil parasites who just use others for their own benefit
- Extreme vegans who think it’s the only way to go to be vegan or those who think that meat-eaters are just so “vile” just cause they consume meat. You’re free to choose what you wanna eat, it’s not a crime to eat meat so I won’t judge you for it. If you don’t feel the need to be vegetarian then don’t be. Simple. You have to feel it deep within your heart.
- People who can’t hold up a conversation and stop after exchanging a simple and lame “Hi, how are you?”’or “Aw I’m sorry to hear that” please be more clever and creative than that.

I'd also like to add that I'm a HUGE Layne Staley fan, been so for years, so obsessed with this wonderful human being he's one of my biggest idols, fav musician and a huge inspiration. I could go on and on about how much I love him I absolutely love Alice In Chains' and Faith No More's music.
There are many bands and musicians I admire but Alice and Faith are my top ones along with Primus, Ozric Tentacles and Tool. I really dig experimental music with loads of crazy bass but tbh I’m into all sorts of different music so I can’t just say one type. It depends on my mood, I can go from listening to 90’s grunge to psytrance, rave or even some oriental/tribal music.
Recently, I enjoy listening to electronic and techno music including psytrance
I could go on and on about my favourite musicians/bands or just people I value and look up to but I don't think there's much point doing that on here. If you wanna know just ask ^^

I like a bit of psychedelia (in fact I love it) and opening mind to new discoveries through deep perceptions. I also take interest in shamanism, shamanic/native American rituals (would love to try it one day with someone experienced), witches and paganism (but I don't really practice anything myself) but yeah witches are f*cking amazing and shamanism is great.

I'm just a curious person who likes to know about different kinds of things and look into them. As much as I'd like to consider myself a witch, I cannot as I dislike labels, I find them rather limiting. But I really like the term I made up myself "shamanic witch" and I'd prefer to be called that if anything
I am definitely not an ordinary type of person, I'm unique and I believe people like me are one in a lifetime. I'm like out of this world so I guess I'm a "witch" of my own kind

I don’t really fall into any subculture category, but guess I’d get along the most with easy going types, hippies, peace lovers... don’t mind ocassional stoners either metalheads are ok too, just long-haired freaks hahah

Apart from all of the things I already mentioned, I also like a bit of poetry and literature from time to time, but one of my biggest interests is definitely music and travelling. I could sit in the car for hours listening to music on my earphones and just observe. I also like visiting different places. I'd love to visit Norway one day ^^
Oh and I LOVE cats! They're wonderful and adorable creatures
I like Aldous Huxley too ^^ he's cool

I want to find my soulmate or even just make a close friend, someone I could trust, love and share my life and experiences with, a kind and passionate psychedelic soul

I'd love someone who'd be spontaneous and loving, someone who'd know how to lift my spirits up and instead of asking me what I wanna do, he'd say "Hey, I'm taking you on an adventure today"
As for my sexual orientation, I'd say I'm straight but a bit bi too as I have a slight tendency for females (alternative looking ones, especially goth girls or hippie chicks with dreads) but I'm more into males, if I have to be honest. But, I wouldn’t mind dating a girl, as long as we’d get along, have a good spiritual/mental connection, especially friendship aspects, so don’t hesitate to message me

One of my big dreams is to travel the world with my other half, to visit and discover different places and to be happy together. I'm thirsty for adventures. I would much rather prefer an active life than to just sit at home being bored. I've had that for way too long now and would like something new and exciting, even if it would be risky. I did risky things in my life before which I don't even regret as they helped me realise certain things and opened my eyes to the uknown.

I'm pretty closed inside myself and insecure so I strongly believe I need someone who's confident and someone who'd help me become more sociable. I've been socialising with depressed people before in the past and it didn't work out, they just make me feel even worse so there's no point in making friends with those who have serious mental issues. I'm not saying you can't have your bad days or not be/feel depressed, but I really need a person who would lift me up and make me happy instead of constantly say they feel crap as I am not in the greatest mental state myself. I struggle with severe depression and anxiety, did for years now and so I need positive people in my life.

In terms of my type of guy, I guess you could say I'm mostly into "hippie" guys but honestly you could be whatever as long as you're a decent person as that's what matters to me the most. Of course sharing similar interests is very important but a good heart is even more.
I was let down and lied to way too many times. That being said, I'm a very skeptical person with trust issues.

Oh and I love navel belly piercings on guys

I currently have dreads (mostly done by me and my friend) but I don't take pride in them or anything as I don't think I look amazing and I don't really care about my looks that much... but dreads are life, it’s something I’m pretty crazy about hahah
I'm not a typical girl who's into fashion and sh*t no lol I really don't care tbh and I don't even like the way I look (I suffer from severe depression and have huge low self-esteem) but I’d much rather be a hot scruffy mess (which I am) than being a basic b*tch

Also, I like that chick from Die Antwoord, she's s*xy as f**k ^^

If you wanna get to know me more, are interested in what I'm currently doing with my life or just talk then message me ^^ I'm a nice person (most of the time, unless you’re being an asswipe)

Also I don’t really mind or care if you’re an OCCASIONAL stoner or consume substances as long as you’re not a full-on junkie (heroin/crack addict etc.) but a good human being with values who respects others and loves animals, a sensitive being, cause in the end, if someone respects animals then they obviously respect humans as well. It’s called having real emotions and being sensitive which I value.

If that’s you then see u in the secret enchanted broccoli forest ✌️
“She can really talk once you get her started...” 🦋



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