26 - Bi

East Sussex, United Kingdom

Apr 15, 2024 20:59

Mushrooms, mushrooms everywhere...
Butterflies flying all around,
Rainbow and unicorns appearing in the distance,
As the red sky fades around the mesmerising sunset...
Our pupils so dilated full of passion and curiosity,
As we dance around the campfire,
Amongst the everlasting trees,
Nurturing between the dead and the living
Blossoming future and enlightening wisdom is coming
We’re singing a shamanic chant of wisdom and freedom,
Like free immaculate, immortal psychedelic souls...
We own this world, this universe and belong as all in one
United as one together,
With the right souls and lovable living creatures
Let’s go on this ride together,
I’ll dance with my fetamina once more
One last time and you’ll consume your sh*t
We’ll all drop some magical potions and vibrant squared papers of happiness
Expanding perceptions and in-depth waves
Delusions followed by my looped visuals
It’ll get us high up there and we’ll live forever happily ✌️

Yeahh I am the astro-creep…..
- lost & lonely poet seeking the right path of life
- depressed 24/7 mind with 10000 thoughts a minute going on loop cuz I think way waaay too much sadly and it hurts my head
- barely sleep, insomnia af just wanna talk all day and night ‘bout anything
- photography/editing & memes
- cats
- beer
- nice foods (especially seafood)
- sometimes feel dead and tired & sometimes as if I have ADHD (I reckon I do)
- I value a peaceful and free-spirit lifestyle, sadly don’t have it atm
- psytrance & techno/rave festivals
- battling severe depression every day
- introverted and anxious a lot of the time yet enjoy social life very much
- existential issues, went through sh*tloads of negative crap that affected me badly
- bored 24/7 and lonely af
- recreational sh*t & all things psychedelic
- kind-hearted, lonely & tormented soul, way too kind for this cruel fked up world
- nature, forests, campfires & camping
- some cool people that interest me are Aleister Crowley, Layne Staley, Jim Morrison, Albert Hofmann, Aldous Huxley, Terence McKenna, Timothy Leary, Lady Gaga
- save the earth by being neutral & trust the aliens if u can, not the narrow-minded people, they’re the parasites
- mesmerising dreams & passions
- head up in the clouds, gettin high on vibrant imaginations & dreams whenever I get the chance to
- world in my head is so much better than reality so I escape from time to time

Tormented & lost being, peace-loving decoy,
walking this cruel world alone, with unfulfilled dreams & passions

An open book to the honest and curious,
A reserved soul to the blind and shallow

which one are you idk.... why don’t you tell me?

I'm certainly not a pretentious tw#t either unlike most people on social media cuz I don't pretend to act “spiritual” cuz really I’m not and don’t consider myself to be, I’m just overly sensitive and fragile

Don’t have dreads anymore, if that matters to anyone lol only got like 6 left now
And I’m NOT a hippie, in fact I’m the opposite
And to be honest, I am a mixture of ANARCHY, CHAOS & PEACE at the same time lol so yeah a weirdo I guess 🤷‍♀️

I like EASY-GOING people, not problematic c#ntz lol so please don’t talk to me unless you’re a decent human being

Oh BTW I like White Zombie and Pink Floyd a lot and I like unique Adidas stuff and so I am also a fan of KoRn ^^

And nope, I don’t have fake eyelashes, I only tried some once in my life, my photos are of me with my own real lashes just with mascara on, no fake, I don’t like fake sh*t tbh
So no, I am not a typical ”Barbie doll” type if that’s what you’re after 😂

Methh has clearly fked certain people up on here lol 😂 freaks of natureeeeee

Don’t trust the shadow monkeys either, they are evil af

I fell in love once for the wrong person 💔 and taking my own consequences of it… I’ve realised it’s only for the best what I’m doing now to get over it and fix myself
That being said, I am looking for true friendship and possibly long-term relationship

I’m BI, if that matters to anyone, so yeah could be with a decent girl or a decent guy, as long as I connect with someone mentally, I don’t mind
Just want someone to connect with on a decent level and form a life with

Message me if u like, I don’t have much to do these days or much going for me atm

❝Choose your future. Choose life...❞
~ Trainspotting



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