29 - Straight

Fyn, Denmark

May 29, 2018 15:36

I'm a 26 year old metal head from Odense / Denmark

I work as an apprentice at the state as an IT Supporter, i enjoy fixing things and having a positive impact on another persons day, which is why i love my work and great colleagues.

I listen to a lot of heavy metal, and rock and roll with a dash of 80's pop.

I've always been a chunky guy but i do my best trying to eat healthier and work-out when i can as work is very draining on me.
I tend to seem very outgoing and very happy but that's just my way of being social, and it sorta works most of the time^^

I am looking around trying to see if i can find someone with similar taste in music as me and hang out etc. maybe more if opportunities arise.

I live by myself in the outskirts of Odense a city on the island of Funnen, where i have my small apartment. I don't have any pets but i enjoy cats, dogs etc. i like animals in general.

If you find it interesting then throw a message my way.



Age: 33 / straight



Age: 29 / straight