21 - Straight

Manawatu, New Zealand

Jul 21, 2019 18:54

- Metalhead guy looking for honestly, just a Goth GF that i can sit down and sesh with while we blast metal 😂
- Goth Boi A E S T H E T I C
- Memes
- Chronic Sadboi
- H E N T A I
- Socially Awkward but always down for Cuddles whenever

- I love most kinds of Metal if you wanna bond over that. Oh that reminds me im Dom as f**k but can be sub. I love anything by Blackcraft Cult its honestly so good.
Deffinatly inspired by death and the more macarbe things life 💀👻
Love horror games such as Evil Within, Little Nightmares, Resident Evil to name a few.
Tim Burton is one of my all time idols and even an inspiration for my tattoo sleeve. Im VERY VERY Weed Friendly 😊🍁 (i smoke it alot soo 🤣)

Im also kinda shy so if you message first that would just light me up.

You can message me here or my...:
snapchat:@jaydenkuyper (mostly on here)
Xbox Live: Br00talvILLan