45 - Bi

Hereford and Worcester, United Kingdom

May 23, 2020 16:41

firstly, im transgender
I haven't had the operation
its always best to be upfront and honest
you alternative crowd have always been kind to me.

im sophia
I change my hair often, recently had a pixie(its growing out now)
ive been single a long time, I got a lot of love to give,
but im very cynical about these matters
it would be great to bump into someone and click.
I picked Bi as its the closest to me,
but im more interested in your mind,
im attracted to the female aesthetic

a claim to fame is that im in a video of a song called 'SUMMON THE WITCHES' by a band called 'DEADCUTS'
i dont like much recent music, 'deadcuts' being recent, albeit the singer is from a 90s band SENSELESS THINGS who i love

geetars, i play one.
im going to get a loop pedal an try it alone
recently saw swervedriver play their first 2 albums in a small venue, i love their use of dirty slow wah
idles,mega city four, sonic youth,senseless things,neds atomic dustbin,mbv,dino jnr
the list could go on and on

im a creative, art, words, sounds.
I like minds, studied psychology
(lay down on my couch and tell me your desires, dreams and fantasies)
retro/old fashioned things, id love to dress more old fashioned, im going to get some this year,impractical tudor/victorian dress's
I like exploring new places, afternoon pints in cute pubs, watching the occasional thing, documentaries, being politically aware,
I like a smoke, social drinker
old buildings, philosophy,,,,

I can see the funny in most situations
and ive been in quite a few

feel free to message
hugs from worcester sauce city.
soph x


Voluptua x

Age: 29 / straight

Hereford and Worcester
United Kingdom


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Hereford and Worcester
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