25 - Straight

Victoria point 4165 Qld, Australia

Mar 4, 2018 11:38

Im a vampire my name by law is Luke, But by vampire law it is Shaunus Sebastian i am dark twisted artistic ready for intense times in life.
Im open minded wont let anyone hurt Family or Friends i became a vampire in 2016 this century and i am ready to live forever i rejected my soul to Satan for this life.
I was born on 4th of December 1998
Im also kind loving and caring to other creatures of this planet Earth i want to live my life with someone who truly loves me and wants to live their life with me for my eternal life im 19 so im looking for 19 year old women up to 24 year olds maybe 25 year old women
if you want me we can get to know each othwer give me a wink message or even a comment then we can send friend request so please any vampire kind of lady please lets talk.