27 - Straight

Brasov, Romania

Sep 23, 2021 11:54

­čĹŻ I am the cemetary rapist naughty naughty !
Metal.(Doom/Death/Black mostly)! I enjoy multiplayer PC gaming/...Like me or Not! IDC.
Better dropdead..
Also I want start a band named : Psychotropic Rapist.
UHHh i love gore/horror movies if you like a anxious weirdo spam me !
Sometimes i pretend to be an owl when im actually a alienw.Still dont forget about ERASERHEAD.PedoShakira rektal smegma and vulnerability included to summon the devil as i walk to the forest of shadows i find myself and spasmic sodomy tormented succubus of unborn and colateral dementia . get over it, get to know me better/or not . seeya on the other side !