49 - Bi

London Ontario , Canada

Sep 6, 2017 20:15

I'm .. happily in a relationship......, Looking for a ***** woman thats either punk or goth thats interested in a bi-sexual experience with me between the ages of 28-42 for a fun hookup with ...No strings attached. Im into witchcraft, the occcult. I'm pretty open minded, I'm usually pretty quiet person, but when I drink I'm a social butterfly. I am pretty blunt...sometimes too blunt for my own good. I usually say whats on my mind, instead of people whom beat around the bush. .Music I like,industrial, darkwave,emb,rockabilly, metal,classic rock,mod( 80's) classical,gothic metal,black metal,shockrock and ect.I like to paint,and write poetry.I socially like to drink and smoke.Feel free to write a comment on my photos I,m empathetic, can feel people's pain and emotions. I do mystic healings and heal people s auras and pain. .I collect gem stones,comic books ,occult books,i have runestones,and tarot cards I,m a freak and proud of it. I'm drawn to the strange and unusual .