51 - Straight

alexandria, Egypt

Jul 29, 2017 00:42

..I am Aly from Egypt, from second capital called Alexandria at the north by the Mediterranean sea and I am 48 years old my birthday is 7th of January 1969 and I am 176 cm and about 80 kg
I work as an Insurance consultant in German company called Allianz. I was married before from Russian women ( half Russian half Egyptian), in 2009 and I have 2 boys kids lives with my ex wife at my own home, me and my ex wife divorced from 2 years ago, now I live alone in a furnished apartment with 2 room and big hall etc. , my 2 boy kids name is Sief 6.5m years old and zien 3.5m years old.
I have a Honda car. I also have a chalet near Alexandria by 100 km with a garden, and I have a fishing boat too.
I am a member in the 2 biggest club here, I live in-front of one of them, so I go to club by foot.
Alexandria is a big country with a good weather all the year.
Now as I am alone ... I am searching in the internet for a good women to marry, cause I don't like to marry an Egyptian women, by the way my mother was Italian and father is a Rich Egyptian man.