31 - Straight

Møre og romsdal, Norway

Feb 23, 2020 21:41

31 year old metalhead from Norway here, living in a town here called Volda
Love spending time outside in the nature, going hiking, swimming, spending time with animals, having some beers from time to time, enjoys relaxing with music (folk / viking metal must be the favorite genres) tv shows / movies (sci-fi and fantasy are the favorites). Open minded and easy to speak with.
Send me a message if interested in having a chat, not going to bother adding more here as most people on this site doesn't bother reading a profile anyway.
I always reply to messages, If I'm not interested in having a conversation, I'l say so, i won't be rude and open messages / view profiles and not even bother to reply, that's just rude to do, at least have the decency to say that you aren't interested.