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34 - Straight

Minnesota, United States

Oct 30, 2020 16:24

sadboii with a heart of gold
I've pretty much given up on dating
mostly just looking for new friends :'}

even so, I am a hopeless romantic;
I still believe there is a special woman waiting somewhere out there; hoping one day to find me, too...

**Favorite Anime/Manga**
* Berserk
* Oresuki
* Dorohedoro
* Made in Abyss
* Kizumonogatari
* Vampire Hunter D
* My Hero Academia
* (Anything by Junji Ito)
* The Promised Neverland

**Favorite Artists**
* Saiko Takaki
* Kentaro Miura
* zko (not a typo)
* Zdislaw Beksinski
* Julius Zimmerman

**Favorite Bands**
* Our Last Hope, Lost Hope
* Red Sparowes
* New Order
* Anathema
* The Cure
* Jakob
* Mono
* 王菲

**Favorite Songs**
* Anathema - Regret
* New Order - Ceremony
* The Cure - The Figurehead
* New Order - Leave Me Alone
* Psychedelic Furs - Love My Way
* New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle
* The Cure - To Wish Impossible Things
* Anathema - Dusk (Dark Is Descending)

**Favorite Topics**
* The Knight of Faith
* Imaginary Worlds
* Astral Projection
* Transhumanism
* Keys of Solomon
* Gospel of Judas
* Lucid Dreaming
* Hermeticism
* Prometheus
* Gnosticism
* Apocrypha
* Mythology
* Baphomet
* Demiurge
* Astrology
* Gematria
* Kabbalah
* Hypnosis
* Domovoi
* Yggdrasil
* Alchemy
* Sephirot
* Demons
* Goetia
* Lucifer
* Tantra
* Crows
* Aliens
* Occult
* Magic
* Trolls
* Music
* Truth
* Tarot
* Gods
* Yoga
* Faith
* Jung
* Love
* Gaia
* Pain
* Life
* You
* ∞

I'm *agnostic* and seek to become *a gnostic*.

I think it is a very sad thing when people "grow up" so much that they no longer care to see the magic of life. Life is a rippling wave of magic! Crashing inevitably toward shore...

The Wild Hunt, Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, Little Monsters, Beetlejuice, Akira, The Man From Earth, Dolls (北野 武), Most High, Dororo, Brothers Quay, ***The Flight of Dragons***, I Saw The Devil, Gurren Lagann, ***Pohádka o Honzíkovi a Mařence***, Mary & Max, Faust, Elfen Lied, The Room, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, Ashura, Melancholia, Ugly Americans, Troll 2, Star Trek, Red Dwarf, The Sand Fairy I/II, Broken Pixel, RaXephon, Hercules / Xena, Sala samobójców, Goth; anything by Jiří Barta, Jan Švankmajer, or Karel Zeman; Don Šajn, Idiots and Angels, The Story of Mr. Sorry, Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai

Jakob, Kokomo, destroyalldreamers, Portishead, Aereogramme, Последние Каникулы, Fighter X, Orchard Thief, The Cure, 王菲,Red Sparowes, The Smashing Pumpkins, Ochre, M83, Isis, Yann Tiersen, Mono, New Order, The Psychedelic Furs, Zoo Animal, Arcade Fire, Asobi Seksu, spamtron, Anekdoten, Explosions in the Sky, xoc, Chef Boyardee, Battle of Mice, Ladyhawke, 久石譲, C418, Exotic Birds, Julie Christmas, 菅野よう子, Rosetta, Thee More Shallows, Our Last Hope, Lost Hope, Depeche Mode, Boards of Canada, Yndi Halda, Joanna Newsom, Cult of Luna, Jens Lekman, Sepia Hours, University of Minnesota Marching Band, Mono & World's End Girlfriend, David Bowie, Television Personalities, Jon Brion, Radiohead, The Suburbs, 65daysofstatic, Her Name Is Calla, Aphex Twin, Our Lady Peace, Pelican, David Arkenstone, 梶浦由記, Muse, Altered Images, 鷺巣詩郎, bôa, The Flaming Lips, Foo Fighters, Tears for Fears, 畑亜貴, chauchat, Freur, Carl Orff, sun cancelled, Jeremy Messersmith, The Church, A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails, Jesu, I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness...

Wow, are you still reading this? Then I'll share a secret with you. I have a dream of partnering up with someone whose skills complement my own (an illustrator would be perfect, as I still currently suck at drawing). I fantasize about creating our own world together... we can share glimpses of it with the public by means of modern storytelling (such as videogames)... oh my, that would be divine.



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