104 - Bi

Cambodia, Afghanistan

Mar 13, 2017 01:38

hey its tito d**k (d**kman) baby i raised phil and i Love the ladies so i hope you''''''''''''''''''''''''''re ready to get low and get down with the sickness if you catch my drift wink wink anyway my life is also a cruel abyss of my pain and darkss i can't drown my demons because they know how to swim anyway im sorry i never meant to f**k up the economy i tried my best and eveyrone hates me i didnt mean to do it i ff f ucke dup,,,,,,,, anyway just know trhat i'll never give you up or let you down it would be a sin to run around and desert you , i've got too many heartaches by the number and troubles by the score Dx anyway enough about those bangin lyrics uh i m androsexual and panromantic but also pancurious im up to ge tdown w/ anyone tho hey hey :^) my itnerests include marxism korn, browsing reddit, automatic writing, goblin guzzling, watersports, anc competitive roblox cs go and nba (ask me for my roblox username ) and d dd d d d dum mmmmmmmmm reign: the coqnuerer (im kin with alexander the great btw) in bed im a real trash man dont worry bout cleaningn g your garbage because ill eat it anyway if you catch my drift *clicking noise* nice justbe prepared to be thrown all over the ring (my bedroom arpet) also no sjws allowed ^^ ~ 333 anyway have a kawaii day and don't forget to PST for free deadmines carries kek rofl i have a 0 / 78 KDR in second life btw