23 - Straight

Windsor Ontario, Canada

Jan 23, 2017 07:17

Just be honest and upfront about everything, that's all I ask. About myself:
I'm a very ambitious person; my motto is "Do everything, regret nothing." As far as my focus is concerned; that means music and the entertainment industry. I want to be an actor, (movies, TV, and plays) I want to be a standup comedian, and basically everything in the entertainment business which involves making people laugh or easily relate to. I'm fully devoted to music, I aspire to play every instrument I can. I like something in every genre of music. I like Science Fiction TV (Dr Who, Supernatural) Especially Dr Who. I like to read adventure novels, no specific author or title. I like video games- Guitar Hero, GTA, Call of Duty, Minecraft, Forza. For mobile- Subway Surfers, CSR racing; second edition.
I also like Tetris and games like that. (Spatial, organizational games)
Sometimes I like to clean. It depends on my energy level.
I really want to travel. I want to go to Europe, the U.K., especially Scotland so I can pick up the accent, I want to go to South America, & places in North America which I haven't been- like New York, Los Angeles, and Florida.
I LOVE CARS. Lamborghini Aventador. Mustang. I like playing Dominoes, board games, and card games. Like UNO!/Go Fish!
I think what separates me from other people is that you don't have to earn my respect, but you sure as hell have to give me a reason to keep it.