24 - Straight

Oregon, United States

Jan 18, 2017 01:51

Proceed with caution.
(I'm a creepy creep, Once you get to know me you will figure out I'm a complete weirdo.)
First off no, I am not fake. You want to assume? Then go ahead. I have a Skype and multiple pictures to prove it.
My name is James Wolfe.
I'm 24 years old, unusual with an advanced thought process, and a visual mind of a child.
Fluent in smart-ass, sarcasm, and adult language. Has some questionable morals.

👽Make a note I am not sure why I am on here quite yet. I've been in some pretty terrible relationships in the past and I have horrible trust issues. I hope to one day find something serious but I guess whatever happens will happen👽

○ Gemini, born June 15th, 1992, raised in Oregon My whole life.
○i'm addicted to any and all kinds of body modification.
○ I am a bit of a music junkie I listen to just about everything though I almost guarantee you will not know the music I enjoy the most.
○ I have a Huge Pain addiction and ***** I get turned on really easily by gore and morbid s**t and Pain being inflicted on me by someone of the opposite s*x such as blood play, Being cut, Bit really hard It leaves scars everything to do with being tortured ○ Never get satisfied with one hair color, I will more then luckily change it 6 times within one year.
○ I'm 5'4" So yes, I am indeed pretty short.
○ Currently have a collection of horror and gaming memorabilia I've collect ed over the years so I am pretty nerdy.
○ My favorite colors are Black,purple, red and grey. My favorite food is Pizza and a really good barbecued burger. My favorite cartoon is Adventure time.
○ Not allergic to anything.
○ To save you the trouble of repeatedly asking, my hobbies include but are not limited to, drawing, photography, graphic design, singing, listening to music, Acoustic guitar, Tattooing, Piercing, watching tv, video games of all genres, Painting.
○ I believe that love is love and there shouldn’t be a label put on my sexuality because you can’t define love.
○ I’m just about as real as I can be. I was never taught how to hold my tongue. I was never taught that silence was golden. So I’m not for the weak spirited.
○ "Those who stand for nothing, fall for anything ~Sucker Punch, favorite quote.
○ Vodka and Steel reserve is my poison of choice, knives are my weapon of choice, and fire is my element of choice.
○ I'd like to think of myself rather kind hearted and easy going, caring and loving, loyal spirit. so feel free to message me. The more effort you put into conversation the better.
○I'm a youtube Gamer and plan on making it a career.


♠KIK: Spacecadetjames
Youtube: Spacecadet Gaming



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