34 - Straight

Nuremberg, Germany

Feb 24, 2020 18:13

Whats up 😊
I’m a little bit crazy, adventurous, a gamer, a dreamer, a nice guy before the first cup of coffee, loyal, realistic at the right moment as well as serious, not someone who judges people without knowing or when its none of my business... And much more positive , and negatively 😄

Well, what can I say about me? I'm just me and you have to get to know me, experience comes over time 😄

And don't worry I only bite when it's appropriate or if I didn't have my first cup of morning coffee 😉

📸 Insta: DerKafka1000

Other interests:
🏈 American football
🗺 traveling
🇳🇴 loving Norway
🍻 spend time with friends
🍽 cooking and good food
🍱 😋
🐱 Team Cats
🍁 autumn
🌲 nature
📚 Terry Pratchett & Douglas Adams
🎮 PS4
🎸 Music & Festivals
🎥 cinema
🎬 chilled movie nights
📺 netflix