27 - Straight

Shinjuku , Japan

Jul 11, 2024 04:17

----__-- Nobody is safe from the monster inside their head_------
__ That's why we don't have no choice the world is just a cruel place__
Who Loves Anime ? ( Notice Me Senpai )
Hi i'm Haruko Sy Takamaya
from Anime World typically known as Harumi-chan or Cataly
I'm a Cheerleader and Assistant Chef
A f*cking addicted to Boy Band 😆
A small girl who just wasting time for watching anime series.

-- I have two personalities good and bad
-- I'm the type of girl who always hungry🍥🍚🍣🍱Crazy and the one who's started making noise using my contagious laugh ,
Last I'm open to adventure especially if were going to island 🌴🌊

Me as a friend :
I'll never get tired of pulling their hands to go somewhere like festival , food court , market to buy some stuff .
A person who always give you a positive vibes ,
A person who always listen to nonstop dramatic problems in life
If ever youll be my friend i swear i wouldn't lie unless you show me your true color 😏

My favorite things to do every vacation :
Bonfire in holidays eve with my old friends in the wood park , enjoying the truth or dare game with full of marshmallow in mouth 🤣🤣
Spending whole night on my cousin house movie marathon is one of the best with popcorn and drinks 😋

Reading Manga Horror and Romance Book
I love wearing anime clothes and designing my own character
Listening music at the balcony every night so I can get relax after having an over time
--- -----
In my whole life i felt like i was a doll hiding feelings in costumes and make ups ,
Anime is the reason why i keep being happy although other people thinks that i'm insane

I'd been in relationship for long years and ended up to break up because he cheat 🙃
So i'm not prepared to open my heart and trust again remember this thing when you cheat to someone don't expect that you win cause love is not a game remember there is always a consequence in everything you did to the person 😊

--__Bad Personalities 😈
-__ Best enemy for a backstabber
--_ I'm a heart breaker for a cheater
--__ I'm disgusting person for those who trying to bring me down

I love to meet new cool friends here especially for good interest so let's chat
Not going to talk if you dont send me message so feel free to send me message (●´з`)♡

Btw : Stop Calling Me Honey Or Sweety
I'm not your stuff so you don't own me 🙄😑

(Friendly Reminder For Bad People Here)