24 - Straight

Östersund, Sweden

May 20, 2019 10:22

Im nervous around new people however I do enjoy a good conversation and I will respond in time I do work a lot.

I'm living in rural Sweden now working with Siberian huskies, I'm also isolated as f**k so any messages are welcome

I view the world with a natural perspective that seem to confuse others, nothing beats a calm stroll through the woods on peaceful days.

Seen Hollywood Undead & Five Finger Death Punch live was epic the headbanging & shouting. I have many more lined up & hopefully download festival one of these years.

Been walking dogs for a living at the moment I am a dog person sadly do not own one anymore🐾 you be surprised how similar dog behaviour is to humans.

I use to work in the zoo environment (not many can say they handfed 5 different species of otter) but I will be moving to the countryside for I cannot stand cities.
Wolves are my favourite & can talk about them for hours🐺

Travel wise I been to the Chernobyl exclusion zone probably sterile now but worth it 👍 planning to poke around east Europe & see where my feet take me.

Never been in a relationship so this is all new to me, looking for something long term however I have a higher chance winning a game of Russian roulette than ever finding anyone.

I can't think of anything else so ask away because my first messages are generally s**t.
Been here long enough to discover this sites broken to f**k so in case you truly give a s**t (Kik: shaddowpeople)