34 - Straight

London Ont, Canada

Feb 10, 2016 00:49

Hey, so to share a little about who I am and the kind of stuff I like. Well, I'm a rather shy guy when I first meet people. Although, after a little time, I do warm up and become rather outgoing. I have few friends, I'm the kind of person who perfres quality over quantity and I think I have some pretty quality friends. I like to think I'm young at heart, although I guess I'm still rather young. I tend to act mature for my age or so I'm told, even so, I do take time to let lose and have fun. It's not good for anyone to always act mature. Sometimes what a person needs is a run though a field, a roll down a hill, and a good ol'fashion and still game of hide and seek or something lol. I can be a little random, I love to joke around, and my favorite past time is to relax with a good game or movie. I know I'm probably not the best looking guy around but I'm a solid, dependable, straight up guy who is there for his friends and family no matter what. The way I see it, looks will fade, a good personality never changes.
I like to hang out with my friends, I'm an active console and computer gamer, I like to browse the internet and learn new things; I love keeping up to date on new technology and games, I'm a huge fan of anime and manga (an otaku if you will), and I also like to work with my hands and build new things. DIY is definitely something I'm good at. I enjoy going for hikes, I'm a decent cook, and can bake pretty well if I do say so myself. My "style" for anyone who may be curious; is casual, laid back, and alternative. I guess. I mostly just buy and wear what I like. If I think it's cool and it's affordable then I buy it and wear it. I'm not someone who will go outta there way to achieve a certain style. Do I have style though? I dunno. I do have my style, and that's good enough for me. My favorite kind of music is rock, all rock. From Metallica to Lordi, Blue Öyster Cult to Billy Talent, Rise Against to Headly, and all kinds in between and around. I'm all over the rock, punk, alternative music map. I also listen to techno, dance, house, j-pop/j-rock, and country.
What else might I get asked... Favorite movies, I would say horror movies are a good go to, I also watch a lot of comedy and action/adventure. Crime dramas are definitely on my watch list, as is, most anime films (subbed or dubbed, depending on that days laziness level). My favorite colour is red (crimson red to be exact), favorite food is pizza, favorite soda is Coke Zero / mountain due, favorite snack food is Sweet Chili Heat Doritos, favorite anime... well too many to list. Coffee is a life source and must never be neglected. Yes, coffee is that important and amazing. Well, I guess I'll leave it there lol. Send me a message, I would be happy to share a little more if I left anything you may be curious about out.