31 - Straight

Powys, United Kingdom

Jun 19, 2024 23:50

Figure I'd add more to me, or this rather, I'm not used to really writing myself down, usually reserved until the first date or meet up, have an easier time being vocal as a wall of text can be dull to a lot of people.

Discord for you gamers; swayawayickel
Happily Taken by Kat (aka ^_−☆「KAT」)

I've now moved to Wales - Protective of my dad
My 'personality' is a mediator - INFJ-T

"Even when I lose, I win" - Crowley

I get excited when I see someone messaged me
My intention is a commitment / relationship, what matters to me is the relationship/commitment and I'm willing to travel

A romantic at heart, I would love a good night in, watching a fantasy movie in candle light with good food and snuggles and enjoy making romantic gestures to help express my feelings to that special someone

Fave films include, but not limited to; Labyrinth, Stuart Little, Beauty and the Beast (the cartoon), Harry Potter, Star Wars, not the new ones, all Pixar movies.

Series; HIMYM, TBBT, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Rules of Engagement, Supernatural, TWD

Also, looks so much better on my new 4k TV amazon firestick TV, a whole new world!

I also like to do some paranormal investigations, I do believe there's an afterlife, spirits, demons and what not, things our minds perhaps can't comprehend, while I enjoy the paranormal and supernatural, I'm not religious

Love playing games, Tekken 7 is my new fave! Although I play WoW and have done since its release SwayIckel#2302 - love horror, but also partial to some Disney, like comedies, I'm rather versatile in my tastes

I also enjoy playing guitar!

April 6th, can't what to celebrate my escape from the birth canal

Dark humor, sarcastic, majorly dipsy, random, quirky and dirty minded, it's fun! I love a good dark joke! OH! I also vape, as I'm trying to quit smoking, I do love peppermint :3

I'm also a streamer!

I have a thing for tummies, thighs and bum I'm a VERY affectionate person

Saw Slash and Myles live!!

Love playing my guitar



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