28 - Straight

fat prick state BRISBANE, Australia

Dec 27, 2014 00:56

The moment we're born what are we fed
nothing but lies
normally it doesnt bother us
yet when its someone we put trust into its different

politicians, the government, pathetic people who were never
considered the cool kid in school

i wasnt a cool kid in school
everyday always bullied, i didnt know what pride was
eventually i enjoyed the abuse

when i discovered people have a fear of death
i wanted it as a leverage
when the child agency took me off my mother they
gave me to my father

met the rest of the club he was in
all nice blokes
they taught me a few things
running a business, drain companies (small)
even to run a ***** house

i wish my life was a lie, unfortunately people who live outside of emotion
are honest, telling how it is not what they presume

to control anger i did martial arts
jujitsu, aikido, tai-chi, and now doing
systema (russian martial arts)

to help get things off my mind
create music, record
techno, metal

you may contact me through

kik - treveska
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