30 - Bi

Dumfriesshire, United Kingdom

Sep 24, 2019 23:12

My profile used to be long...but mayhap abit of mystery is better, no? Passionate, sapiosexual, polymath. Greetings. I am kind, spiritual (as in old spiritualism, not doing Yoga!), an animal lover, a fighter, a lover, intellectual quirky little Irish hobbit. I believe in communication-which sadly is not common in this world. People dispose of people very easily. Love, kindness and learning are at the core of my being. I am deep, but also prone to sarcasm. I am not a 'one night stand' woman, so don't message me on that pretense, or to say 'ur hot' or any other such inapt silliness! Loyal to a fault, but I won't stop being me. I love learning; anything from History, to philosophy and all the inbetweens. I buy a lot of books. No regret. As above, so below. I pretty much reply to everyone, as I have manners-however I can be slow at replying so bare with me, and please be more interesting then 'what's up?' Lifes far too intriguing for small talk! I have several chronic illnesses so can be slow at replying. I'm not your stereotypical glammed up to the hilt, pierced goth girl. I don't do labels.
I recently started a YouTube channel -Ethereal Echoes, to sing, talk, and generally share my interests, such as History and Spirituality. P.S. If you look like Pelle Ohlin I may just faint. If you know who that is...awesome.