26 - Straight

under your bed, Egypt

Jan 9, 2010 06:31

Sup I'm mira not so emo more like scene but whatever uuh i made this thing cuz i was and probably still bored im in cairo which is in egypt (duh) i have a bf who has a crush on miranda cosgrove which makes me super mad cuz shes a hoe but i dont have a crush on anyone yet and i wanna change that to have something to rub in my bf's face (yeah yeah terrible gf well he started it) fav bands bmth,a7x,btf,etf,bvb,the devil wears prada,saosin,hawthorne heights,all time low,paramore,three days grace,green day,mcr,tokio hotel,bullet for my valentine,korn,ill nino,slip knot,silverstein,linkin park,disturbed,muse,system of a down,funeral for a friend,papa roach...its really hard to memorize em all but yeaahh add my yahoo: