31 - Straight

ontario kitchener, Canada

Sep 7, 2016 06:13

im 23 yrs old.i love to laugh and have a good time,im outgoing,funny fun smart strong independent girl also very caring and very strong willed been told I am a great listener and I give good advice.i think what makes me unque is that I have a mysterious side.i have 2 peircings so far eyebrow nose done also 2 tats black rose on my left shoulderlove kills slowly on my right with a skull heart got that done in niagra falls on Clifton hill the falls are amazing but what makes the falls more amazing got inked thereI plan on getting my lip pierced last tat on my lower back devil wings.i love hanging out with friends family ,also travelling been to California/mexico on a cruise in 2005 with my stepmom dad for a Christmas trip also took me to Disneyland sailed out of California both gorgouse places California and mexico.they also took me to Banff jasper camping went canoeing on the lake by the amazing mountains I also been to newfoundland for my 17th bday.i love swimming biking tackle football basketball got a 1st place trophy for the girls swim team at one of my schools I love to go to the gym to stay healthy be in good shape going to beaches I don't mind playing pool.i love horror movies thriller comedy some action I love music like heavy metal death metal some rap and techno fav bands would have to be disturbed lamb of god killswitch engage slipknot korn marylin manson evanecense we are the fallen parkway drive but all time fav still backstreet boys lol fav tv shows would have to be paranormal state criminal minds sons of anarchy biker show awesome and the fact I love Harleys friends an other shows I also love mud wheeling a longtime back in fort mcmuarry my uncle one of my aunts at the time took me on a Harley ride also him and his buddie took mein his buddies truck went mud wheeling awesome been quading ice fishing ive always wanted to learn how to ski /snowboard I drove one of my other aunts trucks on the beach in eighty town in newfoundland fav color would be baby blue ,fav animal kittens but I also love golden retriever puppies I havea great head on my shoulders fav food would be salad, pizza fav drink cooler diet pop my goals are to have an awesome house one day and a great job ive been on my own for 3 yrs lived in a bachelor apartment it was ok at 1st until the company got shut down then moved to Cambridge in a very nice onebedroom place my aspirations are to travel all over the world one day .I am looking for a guy who has the same qualities but if not all that's ok someone whowill treat me good be honesty I am ovisly to that's number one in my books someone who has a great sense of humor which I do someone who can make me laugh smile be there for me when they can be someone I can trust someone who don't care what people think life is to short i was born in BC on Vancouver island in a lil town called Nanaimo my fav cartoon movie well for tim burton would be nightmare before Christmas i also still need to see corpse bride other fav band would be black veil brides ive always wanted to try scuba diving somewhere very nice hot ive always wanted to experience going to a concert of the bands ive mentioned would be amazing to experience it wheni was lil one of my aunts took me to go see allan Jackson in concert was fun that one was my major one besides goin to beats rock the block downtown kw and another one incambridge both free new fav show is the walking dead thought it kind of sounded stupid at 1st watched abit not bad i just started the zumba dance game amazing work out and also got into the show called walking dead so one of my fav shows now and not being rude or rascist i dont like black people as in i would never date black men i only like white men thats my opnion and im allowed to itif people think its rude srry i dont care im allowed to my opnion everyone is about differnt things i think the best features on me would be my green eyes smile cause i ovsily die my hair black having black hair makes my green eyes pop out more thanks to my mom getting my braces soworth it in the end i also have high energy to ive curtnley stopped going to world gym cause honestly wouldnt want to be walking in the cold to the bus to get there and ovisly bus again not being lazy at all but thanks to one of myfriends from school this zumba game she told me about is an arobic work out but also makes it better more fun cause of the type of music thats on it so ya will get to where i need to be before summer itsbeen working so proud feel more confident stronger i know i can do it just takes time hard work lol but so worth it in the endlove it ive stil been called beautiful theway i always thought i wasnt good enough once i did put on the bit of weight barley nothing but i look way better then i did honestly i shouldnt put myself cause no one is perfect ovsily not all guys like the barbie doll girls but once i get to where i need to be awesome fresh new body and fresh summer ive even been asked why is a gorgouse girl like u stil single i said cause i dont think guys find me good enough but i know thats abad attitude and not very atractive espcially when a guy tells mei am perfect how i am say im not ya ive stopped that but im changing for me no one else i put up a new pic decided tochange it up finally even though itsfrom along time ago still look the same i do have black hair just need to redye it thats my natural hair but i do have black hairall the time when it needs to be dyed ive always wanted to go to the bahamas also for an amazing trip and im also very down to earth finally got my 3rd piercing lip ring my teeth are fine not chipped i got it done a few fridays back lol proved my mom wrong haha finally shes like u just got it done i think it was a few days after that but ya then 3rd tattoo wheni save up large devil wings lower backI think a great 1st date would be going for a nice walk somewhere or a nice drive.if all goes well mabe go for a nice driveto the beach day and night walk under the moonlight,mabe go for a nice drink people think a1st date should be fancy nah as long as u and that person are having fun mabe go play a game of pool. but sometimes it is nice to stay in cuddle up to a good horror movie I think the 1st idea is greatovsily i also think a coffe date would be great. i also think another great idea for a date would be sitting outside on a patio somewhere in summer or fall but ovisly summer better