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Inverness, United Kingdom

Jun 23, 2021 11:43

"Not living... Just existing"

Right... Time for somewhat of a revamp of this crap!
Details are going to be basic and in lists. So feel free to ask or strike a topic up on any of the below.

Honestly just sick to my back teeth of idiots, so if you are one... there is a little [X] in the top right corner you can click! ✌️
[and when I say idiots, I mean the ones so far up themselves you can't see where their head starts and their ass ends !]
The funny, quirky, weird, sarcasm-filled idiots however, are all most welcome!


I am the one in the group who can and will turn all jokes or comments from innocent to sexual/nsfw in the blink of an eye.

(*does not mean I want your n*des though... keep them to yourself!*)

I Can be as nuts as a box of badgers, but I'm good for a giggle though! 🤣

I like to consider myself Quite an Avid Gamer. Such things I Do play regularly include:

World Of Warcraft (My forever and always, First and only love)
HUNT: Showdown (Very close second mistress lol)
Dungeons & Dragons (Online and Table top)
Red Dead Redemption 2
TheHunter: Call of the Wild
The Isle
Path Of Titans
ARK: Survival Evolved
Jurassic World Online
Lord of the Rings Online
The Elder Scrolls Online
No Mans Sky
Pinball - (cause I'm hard-core like that )
and Lego crap (Don't Judge it. Lego Games are Hilarious to play! lol)
Plenty more in there but these are ones that are regular I'd say.

Supernatural - (the only love of my life never to be replaced!)
Shadow & Bone
Carnival Row
American Gods
Good Omens
How to Get away with Murder
The Walking Dead
Game Of Thrones
Pretty Little Liars
Lord Of The Rings Trilogy (Movie AND Book)
The Hobbit Trilogy (Movie and Book)


Anything Tolkien Related (The Children of Húrin Especially! and The Silmarillion)
Blood and Ice
The Host
The Name Of The Wind
Captive In The Dark Trilogy. (OMFG! Seriously What a Read this is!!)
A Hangman's Diary
Lore/Myth/Legend/Conspiracy related readings.
And So Much More....


IG: zarathusa _ designs - (No spaces) yes is private. send a request telling me who you are etc or yeet.
Discord: Yes... Ask nicely.
FB, Twitter, SC: No chance!

Just like to point out there is a LOT more to me, my life, depth and past etc so just message to get to know me.
Lets act like it's the "good old days" all over again and have an actual conversation!



Age: 23 / straight

United Kingdom


Age: 35 / straight

United Kingdom

Night Watcher

Age: 23 / bi

United Kingdom