26 - Bi

Ile-de-France, France

Aug 17, 2014 20:02

Let's make a semblance of presentation. I'm a Franco-German guy and I live in a little pocket sized Germano-French Tony Stark, who doesn't dream about that?


Let's throw in some casualties.

I'm a comic fan, I don't like mangas, nor animes nor Japan and its mediocre environment in general but those who do don't bother me as long as they don't try to convert me to their Japan Addiction. I have to say I feel quite lonely, everybody seems to be more or less into it and I can't seem to like it. Everybody has different tastes. But between the Japan Addicts and the little Tumblr "comic fans" who only saw the movies and wet their first pairs of panties for the beetle helmet god like it's the new Twilight, I really feel lonely.

I like movies, I like video games, reading, writing and I am passionate about Body Modification. I have a few myself, some piercings, my lobes stretched to 16mm, a tatto and a tongue split, I have a lot of tattoo and scarification projects and I'm soon getting my ears reshaped. It's not a Body Modification but I also deeply love suspension.

More intimately, I consider myself pansexual but I have a preference for very feminine women and very menly men, I don't know why. In both cases I really like thise who are pierced, tattooed or with other modifications like implants, tongue splits, eyeball tattoos, ear pointing/reshaping, stretches, scarifications, nullifications, nullos, peeling. In the case of men, I prefer them tall, strong and classy, on the girls sides, I prefer those smaller than me, which is hard to come accross given my short size.

Now that we're here, in order to prevent any surprise or question, I am a FtM trans. I was born in a feminine body but I am a transition. I began hormones, I didn't have any surgery yet but I've been living my life as a man for a very long time. When addressing me it's "he", "him" and also "Sir" for assholes.

I often get the question and on the surgery level, I only want to have my top surgery. Sorry, but the risk to lose all form of pleasure and having to pump my balls to make my d**k grow hard isn't very appealing to me. You got to admit that it's very s*xy to stop during foreplay because your partner has to pump it up. And I also like the idea of being a strange chimera.

I am sarcastic and cynical, but at least I can keep my pants on and not drown myself in illusions, I can spend a platonic evening with someone without trying to suffocate them with my tongues. It's not gonna happen anyway, I am not a touchy person with anyone and I am the kind who keeps their hands in their pockets and keep a reasonable distance between them and others.

I'm asocial and I'm more of a homebody but I like to meet people and talk, I'm strangely easygoing so don't hesitate to drop a line.